Mmm, peach books!

Hi all. I compiled a list of books today that have "peach" somewhere in the title. Hope you enjoy. James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl A classic children's novel about an orphan boy who escapes his evil aunts on a giant peach. Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson Three teens from different walks of… Continue reading Mmm, peach books!

Real Life

2019 Recap: Farewell to an Exhausting Year

Where do I even start? A fair number of big things happened in 2019. I am, to put it mildly, pretty tired. Here's why. I Went Vegan One of the main tenets of Methodism is "Do no harm." In 2019, I tried to minimize the harm I cause, starting with what I eat. I'm pretty… Continue reading 2019 Recap: Farewell to an Exhausting Year

Real Life

My Rage-Fueled Grown-Up Christmas List

Last night, while waiting for the bus, I got angry. It happened while I was reading updates on the impeachment trial and accompanying Tweets from Methodists annoyed with the proceedings. They have every right to be frustrated. Ten months ago, queer Methodists (myself included) and their allies were denied inclusion in the Methodist denomination. It… Continue reading My Rage-Fueled Grown-Up Christmas List