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My Rage-Fueled Grown-Up Christmas List

Last night, while waiting for the bus, I got angry.

It happened while I was reading updates on the impeachment trial and accompanying Tweets from Methodists annoyed with the proceedings.

They have every right to be frustrated.

Ten months ago, queer Methodists (myself included) and their allies were denied inclusion in the Methodist denomination.

It took the Methodist church a matter of days to make me unwelcome in the denomination and ruin my entire year.

Meanwhile, it’s taken MONTHS to initiate impeach proceedings against the man who instated a trans military ban and popularized the phrase “grab her by the pussy.”

After waking up feeling extra salty and extremely political, I drafted a Christmas list.

Santa better deliver.


Mmmm, Peach Mint

This flavor has been trending for months and months.

I’m just hoping it will stick.


(CW: rape, abortion)

For state governments to stop requiring transvaginal ultrasounds and fetal funerals for people seeking abortions

“Doctors have to stick an instrument in your vagina and you can’t opt out” is not a just law.

Also, miscarriages happen ALL THE TIME – they are NOT a CRIME. Jail one more person for miscarrying and feel my wrath.


For queer representation to be standard in mainstream film franchises

Donald Glover and Oscar Isaac are up for it.

Why aren’t you, Disney?


For a miracle to happen in the Methodist church

Remind again why the inclusive people are being kicked out?

Can we reverse that?


For Seattle’s Rapid Ride buses to stop rattling my bones

I keep slip-sliding all over the bus.

Stop jolting me outta my seat. I just want to go home.


Lacy black dresses

I want to appear arson-ready at all times.

Bonus points if the dress has pockets.



I LOVE candles.

Get me a nice, herby candle.


Tickets to next summer’s movie musical In the Heights

Let me have this.


I probably won’t get all these things for Christmas.

Until then, though, I will still hope.

5 thoughts on “My Rage-Fueled Grown-Up Christmas List”

    1. Thank you for sharing this and for grieving with me. My home region has been very supportive – I know that’s not the case everywhere.

      I hope your church finds joy this season and in the coming year. We’ll see what happens at General Conference in 2020.

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