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Writing from the Closet

My very first therapist once asked about my sexuality. I told her I was queerer than most people but still considered myself more-or-less straight. Yes, I thought women were pretty in a strictly heterosexual way. Romantically and sexually, though, I only liked dudes. At the time, I meant it. * At fourteen, I jammed myself… Continue reading Writing from the Closet

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2019 Recap: Farewell to an Exhausting Year

Where do I even start? A fair number of big things happened in 2019. I am, to put it mildly, pretty tired. Here's why. I Went Vegan One of the main tenets of Methodism is "Do no harm." In 2019, I tried to minimize the harm I cause, starting with what I eat. I'm pretty… Continue reading 2019 Recap: Farewell to an Exhausting Year