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Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations


We’re all searching for different things.

I tried my best to categorize some of my favorite books (and some upcoming reads) for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you find what you’re looking for. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Book Recommendations”

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Chocolate Book Tag

Safeway was out of Take Fives when I went grocery shopping last week.

I could buy some at the Bartell’s not TWO BLOCKS from my office, but…writing and Jodi Picoult books and laundry…

This is an older tag, but chocolate is eternal.

Better yet, it’s almost Halloween. Chocolate must be discussed. Continue reading “Chocolate Book Tag”

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10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #7: Analyze your reading year

I don’t keep track of the books I read.

I dumped most of the books I read this year out of my memory – if I liked them, I added them to my bookshelf.

I came up with some superlatives to help me remember both good and bad experiences over the last nine months.

Here are the arbitrary awards I decided on for the books I can recall. Continue reading “10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #7: Analyze your reading year”