Bookish Scenarios Book Tag

I did this tag in 2018.

I saw Kristin do it on her blog recently and wanted to see how my answers had changed.

Years later, I can’t stop talking about The Princess Diaries.

You have to get rid of all your books and you can only keep ONE from each of these genres: Contemporary, fantasy, nonfiction and one other of your choosing. What books do you keeps?

This question always stresses me out.

For contemporary, I gotta keep The Princess Diaries with me, specifically the mass market paperback version.

For fantasy, the Piranesi paperback shall never leave my side.

Why Fish Don’t Exist is my go-to nonfiction read at the moment.

I decided to do a two-for-one for my final genre, so I chose Winter’s Orbit.

Sci-fi romance, baybee!!

You’re at the book store and you can hear a teenager telling their mother they don’t like to read, but their mother insists they pick something. You walk over and recommend a book you think is great for people who aren’t big on reading – what book is it?

Hey kid! Read The Adventure Zone!

The Adventure Zone: The Crystal Kingdom

It’s got pictures and fart jokes!

It’s based on a D&D campaign!

You’ll have a great time!

You’re not feeling yourself and need a pick me up. Which book do you read to put yourself in a good mood?

My two pick-me-up books are…hear me out…

Ninth House and One Last Stop.

Two more different books could not be found.

I love them so.

You go back in time for a day to your teenage years. What book would you most likely have caught yourself reading?

For AT LEAST A YEAR, I reread all of the Weetzie Bat books about once a month.

Dangerous Angels: The Weetzie Bat Books by Francesca Lia Block

The closet was glass.

I also binge-read Yotsuba&! at my friend Lex’s house.

Yotsuba&! Vol 1 by Kiyohiko Azuma

I’d catch myself reading one of these two series.

Your friend surprises you with a four-day trip and you have one hour to pack. Which book do you bring to read on the way?

I’d grab Bringing Down the Duke.

Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunsmore

I’m sure I could finish it pretty quickly.

Your house has been robbed! Don’t worry – everyone is safe but your bookshelf has been raided. What’s the book you really hope is safe?

My hardcover copy of Red, White, & Royal Blue won’t arrive until October.

Until it does, I will be watching my signed copy of RWRB like a hawk.

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Don’t you TOUCH it.

Your friend borrows a book and returns it in awful condition. Do you A) Just pretend you haven’t noticed, B) Ask them to repurchase it, or C) Secretly do the same thing to something of theirs?

How bad are we talking??

I like to think I’d ask them to repurchase it, especially if they returned a shoddy copy TO MY FACE.

Like, imagine if they handed over the Folio Society edition of American Gods that they’d DESTROYED.

“Whoops, I dropped it in the bath.” WHAT!?

I should mention that I love my friends and I still won’t lend out special editions of beloved books.

I’m still on the prowl for book tags!

School is hard and I need the distraction!

If anyone would like to donate the Folio Society edition of American Gods to my cause, please get in contact.

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