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Reputation Book Tag

I told you. It's rereads and book tags from here on out. I found this one at Mollie the Reader and had a lot of fun with the answers. I tried not to choose the same ten books that I usually mention. Track One: …Ready For It – a book that you are sooooo ready… Continue reading Reputation Book Tag

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Stardew Valley Singles Book Tag (ORIGINAL)

By now, I've made my feelings about the Stardew Valley singles perfectly clear. I'd like to belabor the point with an original book tag. Take a look at my prompts! The rules are simple: Answer each promptTell me your favorite Stardew Valley characterTag some friendsLink back to the creator's blog when you publish your post… Continue reading Stardew Valley Singles Book Tag (ORIGINAL)

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What if I redid the folklore book tag? (folklore book tag round three)

Oh nooooooo, am I doing the folklore book tag again? Jenna @Bookmark Your Thoughts tagged me and I am therefore compelled. (Thank you for tagging me, Jenna! It's a super fun tag!) I WILL NOT BE STOPPED. The Rules Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of InkTag at least 3 people.Declare the rules… Continue reading What if I redid the folklore book tag? (folklore book tag round three)


Anti-Valentines for Literary Figures

Based on some of the content I've posted, you might think I hate Valentine's Day. I don't. I love Valentine's Day. I DON'T love certain literary characters. If I had to send Valentines to these characters, this is what I would say.   To: Reid Diggory from Serpent & Dove Roses are red, Violets are… Continue reading Anti-Valentines for Literary Figures