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What if I redid the folklore book tag? (folklore book tag round three)

Oh nooooooo, am I doing the folklore book tag again? Jenna @Bookmark Your Thoughts tagged me and I am therefore compelled. (Thank you for tagging me, Jenna! It's a super fun tag!) I WILL NOT BE STOPPED. The Rules Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of InkTag at least 3 people.Declare the rules… Continue reading What if I redid the folklore book tag? (folklore book tag round three)


Finally Fall Book Tag

Last night, all of my body parts were warm at the same time. I have been freezing my ass off at the office for the last two years. Now I'm working from home and feel, dare I say, comfortable? Riddhi @ Whispering Stories tagged me in the Finally Fall Book Tag. I love fall, so… Continue reading Finally Fall Book Tag


The Pumpkin Spice Latte Book Tag

We're DEEP into spooky season and I am DRUNK. (I'm playing Among Us with friends. Don't worry about it.) Ace Reader did this tag on her blog and BECAUSE IT'S FALL NOW, I had to do it. Pumpkin Spice Latte A book that everyone likes to hate on but is delicious I read some reviews… Continue reading The Pumpkin Spice Latte Book Tag


End of Autumn Recap Tag

I've been in winter mode for weeks now. Sorry, fall. You've been forgotten. Diana posted this great seasonal recap tag. Now that it's almost Christmas, it's time to summarize my fall reading experience. WATCH ME. ARE YOU WATCHING? MOM. ARE YOU WATCHING? Which book can you not stop thinking about? In the Dream House is obviously… Continue reading End of Autumn Recap Tag

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November Happenings

I lived all 30 days of November but I barely remember any of them. Somehow, I condensed a year's worth of activities into a single month. When I started the month, I thought I'd be fitting writing sessions between social engagements, horror movies, and book rereads. HA. Here's what happened instead: I moved and spent… Continue reading November Happenings


Spooky Book Tag

I know Halloween is over, but I haven't accepted it. I'm searching for black lace dresses to wear to keep that Halloween spirit alive. My inner Wednesday Addams is appeased. TO CONTINUE THE HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION, I did the Spooky Book Tag I found at Zezee with Books. Zezee produces such quality content - her blog… Continue reading Spooky Book Tag


The End of the Year Book Tag 2019

THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ARE UP DOWNTOWN. HOW IS IT THE END OF THE YEAR? I AM TRYING TO WRITE A NOVEL. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, SEATTLE. LEAVE ME ALONE. To make peace with the end of the year, I grabbed this tag from Elli's blog. *sigh* I have so many books to… Continue reading The End of the Year Book Tag 2019

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October Feelings + NaNo Announcement

OCTOBER HAS PASSED. I didn't watch as many horror movies as I wanted to because LIFE GOT BUSY. (I did watch the first Hellraiser, which was...not good?) My team recently switched offices, I move into my new apartment tomorrow, and - despite conversing with four different Xfinity agents - I still don't have internet! I can… Continue reading October Feelings + NaNo Announcement


Halloween Book Tag 2019

I did a Halloween Book Tag last year. THIS year, in honor of the holiday, I'm doing this brand new one that I found on Lori's Bookshelf Reads. Happy Halloween! #1 FAVORITE SCARY MUST-READ FOR HALLOWEEN? Why do I even try to pick diverse books? I read the same book every October and you KNOW… Continue reading Halloween Book Tag 2019


Autumn Chills Book Tag

Dear Leelynn, Snagging a seasonal tag from you yet again because you have GREAT TASTE. Happy spooky season one and all. Creator rules (per Chiara the Bookworm) 1. Remember to tag me back 2. Tag a load of people at the end 3. Have fun doing it   No promises on #2, Chiara. Marie Antoinette,… Continue reading Autumn Chills Book Tag