Finally Fall Book Tag

Last night, all of my body parts were warm at the same time. I have been freezing my ass off at the office for the last two years. Now I'm working from home and feel, dare I say, comfortable? Riddhi @ Whispering Stories tagged me in the Finally Fall Book Tag. I love fall, so… Continue reading Finally Fall Book Tag


The Autumn Book Tag

Welp. Leelynn did another great autumn-y tag. And she technically tagged everyone. So, uh...I'm doing it. And using her graphics. Again. Anyway, FALL, am I RIGHT? Dear Emma was such a lovely read. It reminded me of the best parts of college. This book is fairly low-stakes and perfect for fall.   Look. The Immortalists uses autumn… Continue reading The Autumn Book Tag


Fall Book Tag

I'm doing my best to summon fall. It's 80 DEGREES, today. Are you JOKING? I'm supposed to be eating SOUP. I don't believe I did this tag last year, so here it goes. Come on, fall. Bring your fog and your crisp afternoons. I found this tag on Kristin's blog with the following rules: Please… Continue reading Fall Book Tag


Tea Book Tag

The weather keeps getting colder. I need multiple blankets and cups of tea to survive the night. Eunice wrote a post at Nerdy Talks all about tea. I'm guzzling a giant mug of coffee as I write. Close enough. Double Bergamot Earl Grey A robust, deep, intellectual, and flavorful book I either love or hate… Continue reading Tea Book Tag


The Fall Time Cozy Book Tag

I'm LOVING the weather change. The last few days have been foggy and freezing. Yesterday, I walked to improv class shivering. Today, I wore a CARDIGAN. Worth it. I nabbed this tag from The Awkward Book Blogger because it pleased me...and because I lost interest in my other fall-themed tag. Double prizes!   Crunching Leaves The… Continue reading The Fall Time Cozy Book Tag


Chocolate Book Tag

Safeway was out of Take Fives when I went grocery shopping last week. I could buy some at the Bartell's not TWO BLOCKS from my office, but...writing and Jodi Picoult books and laundry... This is an older tag, but chocolate is eternal. Better yet, it's almost Halloween. Chocolate must be discussed. Dark Chocolate A book… Continue reading Chocolate Book Tag

Real Life

Comfort Month

I had some goal for October but, coming up to it, I've decided on a better plan: just...relax. I want a break from the intense goals I keep setting for myself. I want a month without a focus. I want time to relax before my Next Big Project (which will necessitate a month-long hiatus.) I'm… Continue reading Comfort Month