Baby, It’s Cold Outside Book Tag

Winter-themed tags! Winter-themed tags! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get rain instead of snow. It is, however, COLD. I saw this tag on The Reading Fairy and realized Christmas is...this week. Yikes. Snow Day What's your "comfort" book? I have a stack of rereads ready for the holidays, among them Katie Heaney's Never Have… Continue reading Baby, It’s Cold Outside Book Tag

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The Twelve Days of Christmas Book Tag

Merry holiday! I'm in Spokane for a second family Christmas; right now I'm watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my brother's dogs and my sick dad. (My dad is doing yoga and calling the dogs "Chocky." I don't know why.) Emer has been doing tags nonSTOP this season (including this one) and I love her for… Continue reading The Twelve Days of Christmas Book Tag


Bookish Christmas Book Tag

Happy Hanukkah, merry Boxing Day, blessed Yule, and joyful Kwanzaa. Would you believe I got BOOKS for Christmas yesterday? Two of them might be going in my Top Ten Books of 2019! IT'S WILD. Emer did this excellent Christmas tag that I'm using to wrap up my winter holiday. Enjoy your new books and leftover… Continue reading Bookish Christmas Book Tag


The Christmas Book Blogger Tag

I did a bunch of Christmas tags last year, so I keep thinking I've already done all these OTHER Christmas tags. Alex @ Whimsy Pages did a fun Christmas tag that I HAVEN'T done yet. WOOHOO! What Is Your Favorite Christmas Scene In A Book? I've been talking about The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe a… Continue reading The Christmas Book Blogger Tag

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Holiday Giving Opportunities for the Anti-Capitalist

Hey there. Are you tired of the commercialization of the holidays? Do you hate the conflation of "joy" with "stuff"? Would you like to help others in less fortunate circumstances? If that's you, here are a few places you can help out this season. The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch - Livermore, CO A safe haven for… Continue reading Holiday Giving Opportunities for the Anti-Capitalist


‘Tis the Season Book Tag

'TIS THE SEASON FOR HOLIDAY-THEMED TAGS! I am waiting on a few more Christmas gifts to arrive. One of them should get here by the family party. The others...well. I'm really not sure. Anyway, 'tis the season to snag book tags from great blogs like Kristin Kraves Books. Happy holidays. Do you have a favorite… Continue reading ‘Tis the Season Book Tag


Christmas Cracker Book Tag

More Christmas tags! More Christmas tags! I haven't seen a Christmas cracker in quite a while. In the U.S. (at least in my region), people don't typically use Christmas crackers. (Also, we call them party poppers.) We save them for New Year's, if we use them at all. Dee did this tag and I liked… Continue reading Christmas Cracker Book Tag


Festive Christmas Book Tag

It's Advent and Christmas is on the way. Everyone on Theological Twitter is arguing about colors. ('tis the season, I guess.) My church celebrated the Hanging of the Greens. I've purchased most of the gifts I need for people on my list. (I have two relatives and a Secret Santa to go.) To get hype for Christmas,… Continue reading Festive Christmas Book Tag


Christmas Cookie Book Tag

I HAVEN'T ABANDONED YOU, HALLOWEEN. I JUST LOVE COOKIES, OKAY? Cookies are my favorite part of Christmas. Well...presents are. Then cookies. time. THEN cookies. Well... ANYWAY, THIS IS THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE BOOK TAG. THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE The cookie that’s comforting in any season Name an old favorite I LOOOVE dogs. My whole life,… Continue reading Christmas Cookie Book Tag


Wine Book Tag

My recent beverage book tags made me nostalgic for alcohol. Hey! Alcohol! I used to drink that stuff! Finding Jasmine's Wine Book Tag made me miss the Good(ish) Old Days. I thought about creating prompts for riesling and moscato (my favorites), but that required a deep dive into wine culture I couldn't stomach. ENJOY THESE DRY,… Continue reading Wine Book Tag