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Fandom Book Tag

This book tag has 15 prompts and I need a distraction. From what? School, mostly. Do I spend more time complaining about school than I spend doing homework? Yes. I'm going to reveal whether I was part of the fandoms named in this tag. I currently belong to the Our Flag Means Death fandom and… Continue reading Fandom Book Tag


Neon Gods Book Tag (ORIGINAL)

Help, I’m obsessed. I am trying, once again, to whittle down my Currently Reading pile and finish more of the books I own. Neon Gods is making this very difficult. If you haven't heard, Neon Gods is a modern Hades x Persephone retelling where Persephone travels to the Underground willingly and enlists Hades to help… Continue reading Neon Gods Book Tag (ORIGINAL)

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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Fictional Crushes

NOT ME POSTING A TOP TEN TUESDAY ON TIME FOR ONCE. Best of all, today's topic is FICTIONAL CRUSHES. My name is Lauren and I have a Type. Hades from Greek mythology I still secretly want to be goth; crushing on the god of the Underworld seems like a decent way to achieve that. The… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Fictional Crushes


The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag

I missed the Percy Jackson train. I read maybe half of the first book when it came out and spent years trying to find a DVD copy of the Logan Lerman film adaptation. Other than that, I have no knowledge of the series. BUT WAIT. All of you seem really excited about the new PJO… Continue reading The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag


Bookish Christmas Book Tag

Happy Hanukkah, merry Boxing Day, blessed Yule, and joyful Kwanzaa. Would you believe I got BOOKS for Christmas yesterday? Two of them might be going in my Top Ten Books of 2019! IT'S WILD. Emer did this excellent Christmas tag that I'm using to wrap up my winter holiday. Enjoy your new books and leftover… Continue reading Bookish Christmas Book Tag

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The Halloween Song Book Tag

I didn't realize there were Halloween songs. At least, aside from the obvious. Diana @ Fortunately, the book did this fun tag and even used Halloween-colored font. I have to do all these spooky tags while I can. Thriller: A book that was an absolute page-turner Temper made me gasp dramatically. THE TENSION. I don't NEED… Continue reading The Halloween Song Book Tag


Sailor Moon Book Tags

I can play it cool no longer. After reading the Eternal Edition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, that series is all I want to talk about. You can predict whether I'll like a piece of entertainment based on its similarity to Sailor Moon. All my romantic preferences came from this series. Well, this and Fruits Basket. Naoko Takeuchi… Continue reading Sailor Moon Book Tags


The Greek Gods Book Tag

Have I mentioned my Greek mythology obsession? No? Well, I have one. Well...had one. I might have replaced that particular interest with the Chinese zodiac, but I still like a good mythical retelling or historical reimagining. Props to Zuky for creating both this tag and the graphics I'm using. I love pairing books with other interests.   I'd… Continue reading The Greek Gods Book Tag