The New Releases Book Tag

Hey hey! ANOTHER book tag? Yes, and this one is about 2021 releases! This tag was created by Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx. Do the tag yourself and tell me about some of your favorite new releases! A new release you've already read I read It's Kind of Cheesy Love Story a few weeks after its publication.… Continue reading The New Releases Book Tag


2021 Books You Need to Know About

I have a problem, and that is: There are SO MANY good books either out now or coming soon. I ordered a few of these for myself and think everyone should know about them. Here's a list I compiled that just about covers all the bases. I hope you find something that appeals to you.… Continue reading 2021 Books You Need to Know About

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Favorite Ship Dynamics

I had an epiphany recently about my favorite type of ship. ("Ship" as in "fictional relationship," not as in "boat.") I used to say my favorite was "enemies to lovers." I knew, though, that that description wasn't quite right. Then I watched The Rise of Skywalker and realized, "Duh...I like Hero x Villain ships." What could… Continue reading Favorite Ship Dynamics

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OMG This Song Book Tag: Round 2

I've done this tag before, but Emer tagged me a second time and I DON'T WANT TO WORK ON MY DRAFT. WELCOME TO THE OMG THIS SONG BOOK TAG. I'M GOING TO POST BOTH BOOKS AND SONGS. WHAT A GREAT DAY. (A note to my dad: Some of these songs have swears) MY JAM a… Continue reading OMG This Song Book Tag: Round 2


How to Ship the Sailor Senshi

In 2012, I came across a drawing of the Sailor Senshi with their season 1 nemeses the Shittenou. I didn't think much of it. I considered it author art. If I were a mangaka, I would draw speculative crack ships ALL the TIME. Then, through rumor and conjecture, I learned this drawing referenced a scrapped… Continue reading How to Ship the Sailor Senshi


Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1

I rewatched Viz Media's 2015 dub of the original Sailor Moon anime. These were my thoughts.   Season 1, Part 1 Summary: Luna: USAGI. Pull yourself together and save the world! Rei: USAGI!!! WHY ARE YOU SO INCOMPETENT? YOU'RE A COMPLETE TRAINWRECK. Tuxedo Mask: You can do it! Believe in yourself! Usagi: You're right, Tuxedo Mask!… Continue reading Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1


Sailor Moon Book Tags

I can play it cool no longer. After reading the Eternal Edition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, that series is all I want to talk about. You can predict whether I'll like a piece of entertainment based on its similarity to Sailor Moon. All my romantic preferences came from this series. Well, this and Fruits Basket. Naoko Takeuchi… Continue reading Sailor Moon Book Tags

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10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #5: Write about a film/TV adaptation of your favorite book

Okay..."favorite" is a stretch...but I sure did love The Mortal Instruments in high school. I foolishly read Clockwork Angel first. Not only was I pretty confused, I...hated it? Like, all of it: the setting, the language, the characters... I (very reluctantly) picked up City of Bones and felt immediate relief. In it, an art student spending her 16th birthday at… Continue reading 10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #5: Write about a film/TV adaptation of your favorite book


10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #3: How I Started Reading Books

Does anyone else remember the moment words on a page suddenly made sense? Like, one minute they're just symbols, the next you understand everything? I want to say this happened while reading a Dr. Seuss book. I know I was 5, living in Japan, and late for kindergarten. I tried telling my mom about my… Continue reading 10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #3: How I Started Reading Books

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Fantasy Feminist Team

I'm finally doing it. I'm forming a girl squad. I've put it off for years because my friends keep choosing true love over the sisterhood. They tell me marriage is a whole lot of fun. BUT IS IT? GIRL SQUAD, ASSEMBLE! What would this squad do? I don't know. Win? Fight for love and justice?… Continue reading Fantasy Feminist Team