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An Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,   I know in my heart you're not real. That hasn't quelled the rage I've been carrying for nigh on two decades. I heard tales of your conditional generosity my entire life. Media like Kidsongs and The Polar Express taught me that if someone had a pure heart and believed in your mythology, they would be blessed… Continue reading An Open Letter to Santa


Waffles Book Tag

I'm coming around to breakfast food. Did I mention I went to the Waffle Barn in Ashland? Wish I could recommend the Salted Caramel Waffle, but I was tempted by the Chocolate Chip Waffle instead. To make up for missing out on that caramel-y goodness, I'm doing the Waffles Book Tag as seen on Drizzle… Continue reading Waffles Book Tag


Jane Austen Character Book Tag

One thing I love about the blogosphere: the amount of creativity and number of shared interests in the community mean I don't have to make my own book tags. Case in point, Madame Writer created a Jane Austen Character book tag. And just in time - playing multiple rounds of Marrying Mr. Darcy every weekend put me… Continue reading Jane Austen Character Book Tag

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My Little Pony Book Tag

Confession: I was a brony. Or...whatever the female equivalent is. In high school and college, many of my guy friends loved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Once I started watching the show, I got their obsession. The show (at least the early seasons) prioritizes positivity, diversity, and inclusion. It offered a place for boys and… Continue reading My Little Pony Book Tag


All I Want for Christmas Book Tag

Christmas stuff showed up at Bartell's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm almost done shopping. I have a few relatives left. I'm struggling to manifest gifts I've been imagining for months. What this holiday needs is more focus on me. What do I want for Christmas? Besides every book on the Best YA Books of 2018 list? THIS… Continue reading All I Want for Christmas Book Tag


10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #3: How I Started Reading Books

Does anyone else remember the moment words on a page suddenly made sense? Like, one minute they're just symbols, the next you understand everything? I want to say this happened while reading a Dr. Seuss book. I know I was 5, living in Japan, and late for kindergarten. I tried telling my mom about my… Continue reading 10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #3: How I Started Reading Books