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My Little Pony Book Tag

Confession: I was a brony.

Or…whatever the female equivalent is.

In high school and college, many of my guy friends loved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Once I started watching the show, I got their obsession.

The show (at least the early seasons) prioritizes positivity, diversity, and inclusion.

It offered a place for boys and men to laugh at quality jokes and cheer on friendship.


I wanted to make my own My Little Pony tag, but a number of them popped up when I googled the term.

I chose the first non-BookTube post I saw.

Behold, behold, behold.


Apple Jack

close up of fruits hanging on tree

A book in which family ties are very important

Why not start with a book I haven’t read? Otherwise, I’ll choose The Lunar Chronicles or Far From the Tree YET AGAIN.

The only thing I know about As I Lay Dying is what my brother told me over a decade ago: a family makes it their mission to bury their matriarch in her hometown, according to her wishes.

As I Lay Dying.jpg

Per Wikipedia, it’s one of the greatest novels of the 20th century.

I suppose that means I HAVE to read it.


Pinkie Pie

yellow pink and blue party balloons

The funniest book you’ve ever seen in your reading career

No. Don’t DO this.

I can’t pick the FUNNIEST book; it’ll make all the other funny books feel bad!

ONCE AGAIN, I’m choosing a book I haven’t yet read.

The Disasters cracks me up every time I come upon it.


From the cover and plot synopsis, I infer promises of

  • cosmic queers
  • a ragtag bunch of misfits
  • jokes on jokes on jokes
  • mishaps
  • the heroes you least expected

These are a few of my favorite things.



accessory amethyst birthstone bright

A book with a strong and independent heroine who has many admirers

Guess who first came to mind.



Hunger Games

It’s no secret that I HATE Katniss.

HOWEVER, Twitter goddess Rosiee Thor recently made the case for an ace/aro Katniss.

Though I’m still not Katniss’ biggest fan, I appreciate the nuance Thor brought to a character I used to despise.

Oh, right, the prompt.

The series’ rebels turn Katniss into the symbol for their revolution and everyone admires her.



brown butterfly perched on pink flower

A wonderful book that only a few know about

My tastes aren’t THAT indie.

Hm. Let me consider.

I’m about to use another book I haven’t read.

Did YOU know Justina Ireland published a teen detective novel last year?

Scream Site

I had no idea! I was too starstruck by the amazing Dread Nation!

Once I saw her name on the spine, I bought Scream Site so fast.

Seriously, I haven’t seen anyone talking about this book.

You would think the blogging community would be all over it.

….oh….it got poor reviews.

That could be it.


Twilight Sparkle

pile of books

A book with a character who could become your friend

Shout-out to Twilight Sparkle, one of the few Hermione-esque characters I like.

In truth, I AM Twilight Sparkle. The books! The anxiety! The inability to rest!

I just remembered the Owlowicious episode.


I’m going to be That Person and pick Lizzie Bennet.

Pride and Prejudice.jpg

I think we’d really get along!

How else does one deal with a hopeless, uncertain future?

Lizzie and I choose brutal mockery.



shallow focus photo of pink ceramic roses

A book with an unhappy-in-love character

Aw, poor Spike. I’m so sad that’s the way he’s characterized.

Who thought I’d ever use Defy for a book tag prompt?


Rylan the secondary love interest, come on down!

Rylan was SO ENTITLED.

You can have feelings all you want, dude, but you don’t get to threaten your love interest when things don’t go your way.

Rylan does NOT get the girl (as far as I know), though he likely had a hope spot in book 2.


Rainbow Dash

mountain with rainbow

A book for which you have a great fondness

NO. NO. I do NOT have a great fondness for Rainbow Dash.

I DON’T understand her popularity. My LEAST favorite pony of the Mane Six.


Any. Way.

I have to choose another book I haven’t read yet! I don’t want to pick favorites!

I just bought She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah), a YA book about a girl who loves the Beatles.

She Loves You

I have a “great fondness” for the Beatles, and I loved the book’s original cover.

Though I’m not as in love with the paperback cover, it still looks adorable.

I feel so much tenderness for this misunderstood ’60s Beatles fan.



I have no idea how to end this post.

It’s rainy and my brain is all foggy.

Adios, bronies.

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