Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Redheads in Literature

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was a character freebie.

Naturally, I went with my favorite type of character: the redhead.

To begin this list, I must honor the OG redhead.


#1. Anne Shirley

Anne of Green Gables


Anne hates her red hair. She dreams of becoming a raven-haired, violet-eyed hottie like her bosom friend Diana.

First of all, Anne, braids? There’s your problem right there!

Anne’s whimsy is charming, never treacly. I love her vast imagination.

I consistently score as an INFP on the Myers-Briggs test, a classification Anne shares.

I feel honored to share a personality type with her.


#2. Tara Starr Lane

P.S. Longer Letter Later

PS Longer Letter

I despise continuity errors.

Tara Starr goes from vaguely brunette to decidedly ginger between the first and second book.

Tara’s one of my favorite characters, though, so I don’t mind this error too much.

This girl’s all about glitter scarves and self-expression. As a kid, I wanted to be more like her.

Still do, actually.


#3. Morgan

These Witches Don’t Burn

These Witches Don't Burn

Hey there, cute-yet-suspicious new girl who looks great in green.

You’re a ballerina? That’s ADORABLE.


#4. Alanna of Trebond

Song of the Lioness Quartet

Alanna First Adventure


Truth be told, her physical trials sounded worse than the magical ones. Knighthood is NOT glamorous.

Somehow, Alanna survived.

What a badass.


#5. Scarlet Benoit

The Lunar Chronicles


The other Lunar Chronicles heroines use their special abilities to get out of jams.

Not Scarlet.

Though powerless, she manages to save the day.

I’m somewhat jealous of her surprise farmhouse wedding.

Okay, a LOT jealous.


#6. Batgirl

DC Bombshells


They call her Batgirl because SHE BEATS CRIMINALS WITH BATS.


Barbara’s baseball uniform = iconic.


#7. Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin


Admittedly, Tintin is less of a character and more of a vehicle for neat adventures, quirky side characters, and fun with Snowy the dog.

Good work, Tintin. I so wish that movie franchise had worked out.


#8. Puck Connolly

The Scorpio Races


Listening to Puck’s internal monologue is time well-spent.

Puck fights for the things she wants and protects the things she loves.

She gambles on her pony Dove rather than betray her ideals.

She’s giving me principles! She’s giving me risk! She’s giving me tenacity!


#9. Lady Jane Grey

My Lady Jane

My Lady Jane.jpg

The ingenuity on this queen.

Jane is small and bookish. Though she be little, she is fierce.

She uses her vast knowledge to EVERYONE’S advantage.

Edward and G are basically useless. LUCKILY FOR THEM, THEY HAVE JANE.


#10. Kyo Sohma

Fruits Basket


I love my bitter, guilty, rage-filled martial artist.

I read Fruits Basket during a time of emotional turmoil.

I immediately connected to Kyo’s experiences

As I read, I hoped that this character I loved so much would turn out okay.

I don’t think I’ve ever bonded as strongly with another character.


Did I miss a redhead?

(NOT the Weasleys; I left them off INTENTIONALLY.)

If you have a favorite literary redhead, let me know in the comments.

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