10 Day Book Blog Post Challenge #3: How I Started Reading Books

Does anyone else remember the moment words on a page suddenly made sense? Like, one minute they’re just symbols, the next you understand everything?

I want to say this happened while reading a Dr. Seuss book. I know I was 5, living in Japan, and late for kindergarten. I tried telling my mom about my newfound superpower; she was busy getting my little brother out the door.

Those days when my dad was at sea sure were fun!

That’s the moment I remember learning to read. After that, I can pinpoint a few series and interests that helped me keep my reading streak alive.

Horse literature

Most impactful series: The Pony Pals by Jeanne Betancourt

Fun facts:

  • This series has 44 books
  • I’ve read ALL of them
  • I used to check these out from the library before I properly knew how to read
  • It bummed me out to look at the pictures but not know what was going on
  • This series fueled a horse obsession that lasted almost a decade
  • Apparently some fan developed a ROLE-PLAYING SITE INSPIRED BY THE SERIES in 2010
  • Obviously I am going to join

Poetry (ish)

Most impactful series: Dr. Seuss books

Fun facts:

  • My parents read these out loud a million times
  • They avoided ones, such as The Lorax, with heavy social commentary
  • Fox in Socks is my favorite
  • Not a big fan of Cat in the Hat
  • This was the first fantasy world I ever wanted to be a part of
  • And yet I refuse to see Seussical the musical…


Impactful series #1: Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling

I mean, obviously.

Fun facts:

  • This is the only series I enjoy hearing read aloud
  • My first-grade teacher read The Sorceror’s Stone to our class
  • My parents banned me from reading these books because “they gave me nightmares
  • I read them in secret (on a dare from a friend)
  • In 7th grade, my teacher lent me her copy of The Half-Blood Prince two months after its release to increase my social capital
  • I finished the book in 3 days and sobbed on the couch during the last chapter
  • After years of me begging, my dad finally agreed to read the series in 2007
  • Protecting him from spoilers was a full-time job
  • My dad once saw a bus that read, “Dumbledore died…but Jesus lived.” He asked me, “Is that a spoiler?”
  • I was pretty livid after all my hard work
  • My dad got so fed-up with the series, he asked me, “Just tell me: does Harry die at the end?”
  • He got mad when I told him, “Well…yes and no.”
  • I complain about 800+ page fantasy books, but I used to reread The Order of the Phoenix on a whim
  • Thanks to Ron Weasley and a “friend” who criticized all my opinions, I haven’t touched this series in 3 years

Impactful Series #2: Unicorns of Balinor by Mary Stanton

Fun facts:

  • I tried to hide the fact that I loved unicorn literature from my friends
  • Yeah…that was the thing I chose to be embarrassed about
  • I would casually summarize the plot with all the magical elements removed
  • “It was just a normal horse barn…and the normal horses…lived in a valley…”
  • I went from loving this series to hating it with a vengeance
  • It…is not very good
  • Princess Arianna was my first Mary Sue

Impactful Series #3: Avalon: Web of Magic by…multiple people (I don’t want to talk about it)

Fun facts:

  • I did a book report on Circles in the Stream in 4th grade
  • “And then the girls saved the purple panda with the help of their pet ferret!”
  • My teacher made the class wait to go to recess until I finished my sick presentation
  • I was really cool back then
  • This series had everything I love: a girl squad, magical animal sidekicks, jewels that corresponded with each girl’s personality…
  • I used to love Emily Fletcher, but cheerleader Kara Davies is my forever favorite
  • NOT an Adriane fan
  • A sequel series was planned for 2011 but never released
  • BUT I recently learned that series would have focused on Adriane, so IT’S FOR THE BEST
  • WEIRDEST NEWS YET: an animated TV show has been slated to premiere THIS YEAR
  • I can’t find a ton of information on it, but I THINK it’s happening?
  • I’m getting nostalgic. Time for a reread?

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