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The Twelve Days of Christmas Book Tag

Merry holiday! I'm in Spokane for a second family Christmas; right now I'm watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my brother's dogs and my sick dad. (My dad is doing yoga and calling the dogs "Chocky." I don't know why.) Emer has been doing tags nonSTOP this season (including this one) and I love her for… Continue reading The Twelve Days of Christmas Book Tag

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The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Book Tag

I've watched maybe ten episodes of Friends in my entire life. (Emer's going to make me watch the series as homework. I just know it.) I did the How I Met Your Mother Thing instead, which was...a mistake. We all know by now that it doesn't take much for me to do a book tag. Emer did this tag on… Continue reading The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Book Tag


Waffles Book Tag

I'm coming around to breakfast food. Did I mention I went to the Waffle Barn in Ashland? Wish I could recommend the Salted Caramel Waffle, but I was tempted by the Chocolate Chip Waffle instead. To make up for missing out on that caramel-y goodness, I'm doing the Waffles Book Tag as seen on Drizzle… Continue reading Waffles Book Tag


The Fall Time Cozy Book Tag

I'm LOVING the weather change. The last few days have been foggy and freezing. Yesterday, I walked to improv class shivering. Today, I wore a CARDIGAN. Worth it. I nabbed this tag from The Awkward Book Blogger because it pleased me...and because I lost interest in my other fall-themed tag. Double prizes!   Crunching Leaves The… Continue reading The Fall Time Cozy Book Tag


Halloween Creatures Book Tag

MY COSTUME IS ON ITS WAY. To keep the Halloween spirit alive, I'm doing ANOTHER Halloween tag. Yes. Yes. This post led me to discover that the tag's creator made a second Halloween Creatures tag. I will obviously be doing both. For now, this is version 1.0.   Witches A book or character that is magical… Continue reading Halloween Creatures Book Tag