Halloween Book Tag

HALLOWEEN IS FINALLY HERE. My plans: Eat candy Enjoy our office dessert potluck WIN THE COSTUME CONTEST Listen to "Spooky, Scary Skeletons" on loop Watch Hocus Pocus Today's tag covers fun Halloween-y activities. Personally, after the Great Pumpkin Mishap of 2016, I don't carve pumpkins. For today, I'll play along.   Carving Pumpkins What book would… Continue reading Halloween Book Tag

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Fantasy Feminist Team

I'm finally doing it. I'm forming a girl squad. I've put it off for years because my friends keep choosing true love over the sisterhood. They tell me marriage is a whole lot of fun. BUT IS IT? GIRL SQUAD, ASSEMBLE! What would this squad do? I don't know. Win? Fight for love and justice?… Continue reading Fantasy Feminist Team