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Encanto Book Tag

I watched Encanto while housesitting and ended up in a puddle on the floor. This movie is INTENSE. It absolutely deserved the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. If you haven't yet, please watch it. I found this book tag, created by Passport to Eden over on BookTube, on It's Just a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile. The… Continue reading Encanto Book Tag

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I AM NOT HAVING A GOOD TIME. For many of us, Bad Time is kind of the default. For me, on top of the already tense atmosphere, everything that could possibly have gone wrong today did and I am unhappy about it. I left work early and stomped around my neighborhood for an hour. Now… Continue reading THINGS THAT BRING ME JOY: Disney Emoji Blitz


Pixar Book Tag

I'm resurrecting an old book tag back from the days when people had fond feelings about Pixar. Emily and Shivii co-created this tag and Zezee's answers helped me come up with my own. Toy Story A book where you wanted the characters to come to life The Castle in the Attic was one of my favorite… Continue reading Pixar Book Tag

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Frozen Book Tag

Are we allowed to talk about Frozen again? I haven't watched it since the negative discourse erupted in 2013. I hear it's still selling a ton of merchandise. Good for Disney, I suppose. Anyway, this is a Frozen-inspired book tag ripped from Never Not Reading.   Let It Go A book you wouldn't mind parting with I read Part of… Continue reading Frozen Book Tag

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Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective

Won't lie, didn't love 2018. Maybe the year wasn't a total lost cause, because of new friends and growth experiences and improved health, but I sure hated living through it. Different things influenced my year in big ways and I want to sum them up:   I quit my job I finally got out of… Continue reading Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective


Disney Princess Hair Tag

Mandy and Kyera co-created a tag combining two of my favorite things: Disney princess hair and books. Then Jenna wrote a delightful, gif-laden post with this tag that inspired me to follow her example. Hats off, all, to your creativity. My answers may not line up exactly with official Disney Princess canon, but who CARES.… Continue reading Disney Princess Hair Tag


Halloween Book Tag

HALLOWEEN IS FINALLY HERE. My plans: Eat candy Enjoy our office dessert potluck WIN THE COSTUME CONTEST Listen to "Spooky, Scary Skeletons" on loop Watch Hocus Pocus Today's tag covers fun Halloween-y activities. Personally, after the Great Pumpkin Mishap of 2016, I don't carve pumpkins. For today, I'll play along.   Carving Pumpkins What book would… Continue reading Halloween Book Tag

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Second-string Fantasy Feminists

I came across a character I'd never heard of the other day that I immediately wanted on my fantasy feminist team. I would've called the post dedicated to her "The 12th (Wo)man: Rounding out the Fantasy Feminist Line-up." Then I discovered a whole host of female characters that I love. My reasons for choosing these… Continue reading Second-string Fantasy Feminists