My Picks for the Goodreads Choice Awards

Someone on TikTok called the Goodreads Choice Awards a popularity contest for books and authors with big marketing budgets. Based on some of this year's winners, I don't disagree. Here are the books I would have selected for this year's Goodreads Choice Awards. Some notes Each of the following winners is a book I read… Continue reading My Picks for the Goodreads Choice Awards

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March Wrap-Up

At the beginning of March, I attended a liberation theology class at my church and borrowed a book from my pastor's library with every intention of giving it back. At the beginning of April, I am in lockdown in my studio apartment. ...what the hell happened? March Happenings Coronavirus is here and it's really serious.… Continue reading March Wrap-Up


TOP 5 TUESDAY: Reasons I Rate a Book Five Stars

I've started rating books using the five-star system. I don't want to get too much into it. If you want to know what goes into selecting my favorite books, these are the things that garner a five-star rating. Happy Top 5 Tuesday. The book defied my expectations (Spoilers for Say What You Will by Cammie… Continue reading TOP 5 TUESDAY: Reasons I Rate a Book Five Stars


The Not-So-Perfect Book Tag

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS TAG. Sahi @ My World of Books tagged me in it to share the wealth of book letdowns. Thank you Alex @ Lost in Translation for giving us space to complain about not-so-perfect books! This is such a perfect tag! RULES If possible try to not mention the same… Continue reading The Not-So-Perfect Book Tag

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I Really Enjoyed “Cats”

Trainwreck. Abomination. Fever dream. I've heard all these words and more used to describe Tom Hooper's adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's '80s hit. Viewers described such horrors as cats unzipping their own skin and eating the heads off cockroaches with human faces. After hearing these things, I wanted more than anything to see this movie.… Continue reading I Really Enjoyed “Cats”


I Need to Talk About “Queenie”

I decided a while ago not to write book reviews on this blog anymore. I'm breaking that rule to talk about Queenie. How did this book come into my life? Entertainment Weekly raved about it Emer wrote a gushing review for it I saw it for 20% off at Target and decided I needed it Cut… Continue reading I Need to Talk About “Queenie”


TOP TEN TUESDAY: Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree

So FUN STORY. I thought this was Top Ten Tuesday LAST week. When I saw everyone posting their holiday TBRs instead, I reformatted my entire post and did Top Five Tuesday. GOOD ONE, LAUREN. MY BRAIN IS SOUP. You Are Your Own: A Reckoning with the Religious Trauma of Evangelical Christianity by Jamie Lee Finch I… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Books I Hope to Find Under My Tree


The Spoopy Memes Book Tag

Hello, I am a millennial and I love memes. Fellow Scorpio Halei @ Degenerate Reads tagged anyone who likes memes. Thanks to my team at work, I have become semi-fluent in memeology. Even so, this tag experience. The Rules: Link back to Emily’s post Use the banner if you want, and copy the memes Time to… Continue reading The Spoopy Memes Book Tag


The Perfect Romance Novel

I want to be a person who enjoys all types of romance. Alas, I am not. My tastes are ultra-specific. What do I want from a romance novel? What kinds of tropes do I like to see? Let me describe the elements of my ideal romance. Flirty Banter Must be funny without being hurtful. Don't… Continue reading The Perfect Romance Novel


Back-to-school Book Tag

I miss school. I'm a social baby who loves to learn. I'm flashing back to my senior high of school, which suuuucked. The start of school, though, was ALMOST ALWAYS great. My outfits K I L L E D  I T. To celebrate the start of school again, I'm doing the Back-to-school Back Tag as… Continue reading Back-to-school Book Tag