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October Wrap-Up: Still slumpin’

It's autumn and I am struggling. Pandemic + shorter days + going to school while working full-time tired me out. I DID finish my second editing course. So that's fun. Instead of signing up for my final class right away, I decided to take some time off from school to socialize and read. I was… Continue reading October Wrap-Up: Still slumpin’

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Lupercalia Special: Let’s Talk About Ships

Happy Lupercalia! I wanted to do something Valentine's-themed and this is what I came up with. This post will be a mish-mash of surprising trivia and strong opinions about various fictional romances. As should be obvious, spoilers ahead. The Infernal Devices throuple I just learned this bit of trivia from reading Jess' blog post about literary romances. Fun… Continue reading Lupercalia Special: Let’s Talk About Ships


The End of the Year Book Tag 2019

THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ARE UP DOWNTOWN. HOW IS IT THE END OF THE YEAR? I AM TRYING TO WRITE A NOVEL. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING, SEATTLE. LEAVE ME ALONE. To make peace with the end of the year, I grabbed this tag from Elli's blog. *sigh* I have so many books to… Continue reading The End of the Year Book Tag 2019

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Scorpio Season

Well, well,'s Scorpio season. Obviously this means I will be BREAKING OUT MY COPY OF THE SCORPIO RACES. Should I list other recommendations and activities that I will more than likely NOT participate in? Of COURSE. 'tis the season. What to do during Scorpio season  Engage your five senses in water-based activitiesBecause a...water sign...listen,… Continue reading Scorpio Season


Back-to-school Book Tag

I miss school. I'm a social baby who loves to learn. I'm flashing back to my senior high of school, which suuuucked. The start of school, though, was ALMOST ALWAYS great. My outfits K I L L E D  I T. To celebrate the start of school again, I'm doing the Back-to-school Back Tag as… Continue reading Back-to-school Book Tag


Quick Fire Fantasy Book Tag

I've been working on original stuff, not just tags! Yes! Exciting! I was still very relieved when Jenna tagged me in this fantasy-themed tag. I don't read as much fantasy as perhaps I once did. What DO I read? What even QUALIFIES as fantasy? Does it TRULY matter? I plan to explore NONE of these… Continue reading Quick Fire Fantasy Book Tag


The Perfect Book Tag

Sofii over at A Book. A Thought. created the perfect book tag. It's called The Perfect Book tag. The idea is to combine a number of beloved into a single perfect read. Oh, and you can't use the same book twice. I don't know that my book will turn out perfect, but I'm still excited… Continue reading The Perfect Book Tag

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A Scorpio Races miracle

This is a very silly thing that I am nonetheless excited about: Last month, I custom-ordered a book necklace using The Scorpio Races, my favorite book of all time. Only I requested they use the Polish cover. Can you blame me, though? I couldn't resist buying my favorite book in my favorite color. After weeks of… Continue reading A Scorpio Races miracle


Pasta Book Tag

CARBS! CARBS! CARBS! CARBS! I made fettucine alfredo last night, so this tag I found at the always-great Nerdy Talks Book Blog felt fitting. There's a chance last night's fettucine put me in a carb coma. Guess how long I overslept this morning? Actually, don't guess.   Macaroni and Cheese The most heartfelt work you… Continue reading Pasta Book Tag


Jigsaw (Saw Franchise) Book Tag

A guy I once liked tried to argue that the movie Saw was a philosophical masterpiece. He also loved The Matrix. His opinions were suspect. What I know about the Saw franchise can be summed up in the following list: feet, torture, Cary Elwes, screaming, puppet, tricycle, bear trap. In today's tag, I try to escape Jigsaw's game with a… Continue reading Jigsaw (Saw Franchise) Book Tag