Jigsaw (Saw Franchise) Book Tag

A guy I once liked tried to argue that the movie Saw was a philosophical masterpiece.

He also loved The Matrix. His opinions were suspect.

What I know about the Saw franchise can be summed up in the following list: feet, torture, Cary Elwes, screaming, puppet, tricycle, bear trap.

In today’s tag, I try to escape Jigsaw’s game with a number of beloved book characters.

Happy almost-Halloween.

(I nabbed this post from The Sassy Book Geek. She published a bunch of Halloween posts this month; go check them out.)


You wake up in The Room. Who wakes up with you?

  1. Someone You Choose: Ronan Lynch from The Raven Cycle
    Ronan, I’m sorry, I love you, don’t hate me.
  2. The Brains: Felicity Montague from The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy
    I can understand why you would be upset, Felicity…but you’re also the smartest, most capable woman I know.
  3. The Brawn: Wolf from The Lunar Chronicles
    Remember the invasive surgery used to turn you into a super soldier? That’s why you’re here.
  4. Someone Jigsaw Would Choose: Tris from Divergent
    If Jigsaw aimed to torture me, this alone would do it.
  5. Someone on the Outside Looking for You: Sean Kendrick from The Scorpio Races
    Please, Sean. Use your weirdo magic to get me out of here.


You’re starting the game and the first puzzle takes someone out. Who dies first?

We lost Felicity! Her reflexes weren’t fast enough!


You’ve made it to the steam room. You need a partner to go through the maze while you switch a lever to shoot hot steam for them to make it through. Who is your partner?

Ronan, you stubborn, brave boy. Help me out.


Oops, your partner died! Now you are strapped to the Shotgun Carousel. Who do you shoot in the face?


Tris would undoubtedly start in on her “I’m different” speech.

She’s got to go.



You and the last character are about to escape. Then Billy the Puppet strolls in and tells you it’s up to a coin toss to see who survives. Heads you survive, tails the other character survives.

WHERE is SEAN? What has he been DOING this whole time?

It’s down to me and Wolf. Let me find a coin.


Wolf won the toss.

I’m surprised I survived this long.

He can go back to his French farm, having learned…nothing.

Meanwhile, high school boys around the world argue, “The movies really make you appreciate what it is to be alive.”

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