The Perfect Book Tag

Sofii over at A Book. A Thought. created the perfect book tag.

It’s called The Perfect Book tag.

The idea is to combine a number of beloved into a single perfect read.

Oh, and you can’t use the same book twice.

I don’t know that my book will turn out perfect, but I’m still excited to talk about books I love.

Sofii, I am copying your graaaaaaphiiiiiics…


The Perfect Genre

What genre would your perfect book be?

 💫 || Pick A Book That Represents Perfectly Its Genre || 💫 

My Lady’s Choosing was such a joy.

My Lady Choosing

I love watching authors play with romance tropes.

The end to one of the storylines consisted of nonstop desert sex puns.

I’m almost positive the phrase “cave of wonders” was used.

I would love to someday write a tongue-in-cheek romantic parody…though mine would have less sex in it.

WAIT…is the genre of my perfect book Choose-your-own Adventure?


This book is going to be SO COOL.


The Perfect Setting

Because every story needs the perfect setting.

 💫 || Pick A Book That Takes Place In A Perfect Place || 💫

Whenever I imagine writing a fantasy epic of my own, I picture a world like the Graceling Realm.


Such daydreams make me want to reread Bitterblue.

Bitterblue takes place in Monsea, a peaceful sea kingdom with beautiful views.

My interactive novel will be supes tranquil!


The Perfect Main Character

Because every book needs that brave and amazing MC

 💫 || Pick The Perfect Main Character || 💫 

I really love Jane Eyre.

That woman is a role-model.

Jane Eyre

Fear never stops Jane from doing the next right thing.

I really admire her and I’d love to see even more of her adventures.

She’d be perfect for my interactive romance set in a peaceful sea kingdom.


The Perfect Best Friend

Because we always love that character who supports our MC, no matter what

 💫 || Loyal and Supportive, Pick A Character That You Think Is The Best Friend Ever || 💫 

Before I reveal my pick, I want to say that this choice WAS NOT PLANNED. This damn character charmed me into choosing them and I feel a fool.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but Carswell Thorn is a hell of a pal.


He’s just a good, solid person to have on your team.

Need a joke? He’s there.

Need a pilot? He’s…willing.

Need a reboot? He’ll complain, but he’ll do it.

Cinder and Thorne have one of my favorite relationships in The Lunar Chronicles because of their close, if vitriolic, bond.

Thorne’s a good guy.

Not sure how he’d get along with Jane.

She’ll have to put up with a lot of arrogance and stupid jokes.


The Perfect Love Interest

Although not all stories need it, we all love a bit of romance

 💫|| Pick A Character You Think Would Be An Amazing Romantic Partner || 💫 

Some of my all-time favorite love interests (INCLUDING KYO SOHMA AND RONAN LYNCH) lost out to this character.

Whatever praise and support Charlie has received on this blog, they deserve much, much more.

girl made of stars

Loyalty and emotional support are really important to me and Charlie exhibits both of those traits in their relationship with Mara.

Charlie makes my heart soft.

A relationship between Charlie and Jane would be lovely.


The Perfect Villain

Because even when sometime we hate them, we always need them

 💫 || Pick A Character With The Most Sinister Mind || 💫

I know getting Sloan for this role would be logistically impossible, but SOMEONE CALL SLOAN FROM THIS SAVAGE SONG.

Savage Song

The physical descriptions of Sloan were so off-putting that I suspected a twist; I was sure this awful vampire would turn good in the end.


Sloan is so awful that he’s kind of brilliant.

I hate him so much that I love him.

Get that creep on the phone.


The Perfect Family

Our book wouldn’t be the same without that unconditional support from the MC’s family

 💫 || Pick a Perfect Bookish Family || 💫 

The Connollys aren’t perfect in the least, but Puck and Finn form a loving found family by the end of The Scorpio Races.


A random rich guy befriends them and buys them pastries. DREAM DAD.

Gabe brings home his loud friends. They eat lots of chicken and make stupid jokes. (AT LEAST UNTIL THE CLIMAX.)

And frog-faced Finn is a perfect cinnamon roll.

Jane missed out on having a loving, supportive family. She deserves this.


Perfect Animal or Pet

Because we all need a good loyal companion

 💫|| Pick A Pet Or Fantastic Animal That You Need To See On A Book || 💫 

I wanted to pick a magical horse.

I went with a cat.

And I didn’t go with my best friend Faithful from The Song of the Lioness quartet!

Instead, I chose Mad Joe, the bodyguard cat from Bad Kitty.

Bad Kitty


And he loves Oreos, which is ADORABLE.


Love it.


The Perfect Plot Twist

“OMG, how I didn’t see that coming!”

 💫 || Pick A Book With The Best Plot Twist || 💫 

I have ZERO idea how I could incorporate this twist into the story I have going, but the seemingly-mundane events of The Wife Between Us brilliantly disguised its midpoint plot twist.

It was a good one. I had to stop reading for a bit.

Wife Between Us

So far I have an interactive fantasy romance parody with bodyguard cats, governesses, vampires, and space captains.

Oh, and chicken and jokes.

Sure, let’s throw a twist in there!

Actually…this could work.

I have a plan.


Perfect Trope

 💫 || Pick That Trope You Would Add To Your Own Book Without Thinking || 💫

I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned Intimate Healing on the blog before.

It’s one of my favorite tropes and my preferred way of introducing ship-tease.

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl when I was 10 or 11.

The scene where Will lovingly wraps Elizabeth’s injured hand really impacted me.

I am copy-and-pasting that scene into this novel.


Perfect Cover

Because we all love a good, beautiful and artistic cover

💫 || Pick That Cover That You Would Easily Put In Your Own Book || 💫

Quick – what book screams “interactive fantasy romance with vampires and cats?”

Dead Queens Club



Perfect Ending

Because every great adventure has an ending

 💫 || Pick A Book That Has The Perfect Ending || 💫 

Nina La Cour’s endings are always perfect.

Everything Leads to You ends particularly well.


The end of this book fills me with such hope.

By now, I’ve written a masterpiece.

This truly is the perfect book.





Sofii asked me to tag 5 people.

Uuuuggggghhhh fine.


I tag

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If I didn’t tag you, participate ANYWAY! This was a really fun tag!!

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Book Tag”

  1. Lauren, I’m so HAPPY that you’ve done it!! I love your answers and see how your story is taking shape is super fun! 💕 . I really need to read several of the books you mention here, especially Everything Leads to You because I love Nina LaCour, so I feel that I’ll love that book, it sounds really amazing 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I really loved this tag (it even inspired me to try writing fiction again!) Everything Leads to You is so soft and pure. I read it whenever I feel sad. I hope you enjoy it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the tag, love! I actually already have this one ready to go for Friday!! 😀

    I do love Jane Eyre … she would be an awesome friend to have around! I fell in love with Graceling … I never got around to reading the other books but I really should! I want to read “Everything Leads to You” this summer after hearing so many good things … I also love the cover of that one 😀

    P.S. …thanks for tagging me because it showed that for some weird reason, I unfollowed your account?? This has happened SEVERAL times now with other blogs … getting fed up …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh nooooo! That’s been happening to me on Twitter for some reason? Maybe I have fat thumbs… Glad to have you back!

      I saw your tag and loved it! Also, I am still pumped for your sky pirates idea.

      The other Graceling books are lovely and I have a soft spot for the very weird, very un-Graceling “Jane, Unlimited.” Also, “Everything Leads to You” is perfect for summer!! It’s a good time!

      Liked by 1 person

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