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Blog Update: Hiatus?

I haven’t felt all that interested in writing fiction for…a while.

I’ve felt jealous of other bloggers with WIPs and daily word counts, but I never felt  compelled to join them.

That was until I found an idea that excited me.

Like all my favorite ideas, this one started as a joke.

Then I started thinking through how I would write this story if I took it “seriously.”

I’m a little nervous – the last few “fun” stories I’ve tried to write took serious turns and I don’t know if that’s JUST MY WRITING STYLE or if it’s something I can temper.

I want to commit to this idea.

I’m going to hold off blogging for a week or two to explore this story.

I don’t know what will happen.

I want to see where it goes.



She/her. 4w3. Lover of vegan cream cheese and performative angst. In 2014, tired of my pop culture rants, my mom told me, "You should start a blog!" In 2015, needing a place to gush about the new Star Wars trilogy, I created this site. In 2016, while working an insane schedule at the local bakery, I stopped writing. That same year, I moved to Seattle. Picture every fresh-faced young woman you've ever seen stepping out of a taxi in a movie. That was me...only with a lot more anxiety and shorter hair. Living here has been a trip. I'm not always happy, but I find plenty of stuff to write about. I love to call out, complain, overreact, analyze, and reimagine. This site contains the fruit of that labor.

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