Redoing the Lover Book Tag for mental health

The news has been freaking me out, so I am rereading books and redoing book tags. Elli @ Ace Reader reminded me that the Lover Book Tag exists, so here we are. Also, Nish and Ngoc's original tag was so excellent, it seemed necessary to do it a second time. Let's do it. I Forgot… Continue reading Redoing the Lover Book Tag for mental health


Updated List of Comfort Reads

Ever have reading cravings? I have them all the time, especially under duress. Last month, I felt like picking up certain books and holding them to my chest like papery teddy bears (or, in my case, miniature plague doctors.) Some of the books I craved surprised me. They weren't my usual go-tos and most of… Continue reading Updated List of Comfort Reads


Sapphic Book Tag

It's the 23nd of Pride Month. I'm doing this tag today in celebration. Theresa, this tag's creator, used well-known mainstream sapphic books for each of the prompts. Since I recced multiple books for most of the prompts, you're getting...four times the recommendations? YOU'RE WELCOME. Crier's War by Nina Varela An enemies-to-lovers book As you may know,… Continue reading Sapphic Book Tag


Lunar Chronicles Book Tag

Why didn't I seek this tag out earlier? So many bloggers did this tag and I had no idea! I feel a fool. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SERIES. The other bloggers did creative things with this tag, so check out their posts and then come back here. CINDER | The cyborg a book that's often… Continue reading Lunar Chronicles Book Tag

Real Life

Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective

Won't lie, didn't love 2018. Maybe the year wasn't a total lost cause, because of new friends and growth experiences and improved health, but I sure hated living through it. Different things influenced my year in big ways and I want to sum them up:   I quit my job I finally got out of… Continue reading Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective

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A Scorpio Races miracle

This is a very silly thing that I am nonetheless excited about: Last month, I custom-ordered a book necklace using The Scorpio Races, my favorite book of all time. Only I requested they use the Polish cover. Can you blame me, though? I couldn't resist buying my favorite book in my favorite color. After weeks of… Continue reading A Scorpio Races miracle


Fruits Basket Book Tag

You all knew it was coming. How has no one made a Fruits Basket tag yet? There's one for Lunar New Year, but that doesn't count. Not ONE BIT. For this tag, I only included zodiac members, but participation is open to all. Heads up: I will spoil some books. Spoilers everywhere.   Yuki the… Continue reading Fruits Basket Book Tag


Summer Reading List

I've rejoiced my parents' last day of school. I've purchased aloe for a terrible sunburn. I've broken out the baby powder for 80-degree days. Summer is upon us. That means it's time to read. A lot. If you're looking for suggestions, I have TRILLIONS. I even organized them from fluffy to thought-provoking, with ample gray… Continue reading Summer Reading List


Book Betrayals: A List of Past Hurts, pt. 2

Read part 1 here. I have yet more literary disappointments to unearth. Thankfully, queer literature has never let me down. HAHAHAHAHA just kidding.   Ash by Malinda Lo I'm using Ash to represent all of Malinda Lo's books. Malinda Lo writes excellent nonfiction; I keep entire anthologies for her essays alone. Her fiction is just so boring. This book appealed… Continue reading Book Betrayals: A List of Past Hurts, pt. 2

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R.I.P It or Ship It: Round 4

For round 4, I picked Roger Davis from RENT and Queen Amidala from Star Wars Background If Roger Davis isn't singing about his problems, he's running away. Granted, he has depression, something I've only recently been able to appreciate. He sulks in his apartment. He worries about his lifespan. He picks out melodies on his untuned guitar.… Continue reading R.I.P It or Ship It: Round 4