The Book Snob Tag

I've been called a snob more than once. Everyone has standards, triggers, and preferences (whether they know it or not); I have yet to meet a person who is truly open to everything. However, I've found that voicing my opinions sometimes triggers various iterations of, "You're such a snob!" It took me a long time… Continue reading The Book Snob Tag


Lunar Chronicles Book Tag

Why didn't I seek this tag out earlier? So many bloggers did this tag and I had no idea! I feel a fool. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SERIES. The other bloggers did creative things with this tag, so check out their posts and then come back here. CINDER | The cyborg a book that's often… Continue reading Lunar Chronicles Book Tag

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Dear Evan Hansen Book Tag

Did I rashly promise to do summer book tags? Does that sound like something I would do? Okay, hear me out: My friend Staci bought me Dear Evan Hansen for my birthday and I've been putting it off, I guess. It's currently sitting on a shelf next to some other summer-y books that I've been prrrrrrromising… Continue reading Dear Evan Hansen Book Tag


Witchy Book Recs

She may become a witch, a real witch. - John Piper WE'RE BACK, WITCHES. I've seen a lot of upcoming witchy reads on Twitter and various booklists since early 2017. Is this a reaction to Trump's election? Did this publishing explosion come from the Nasty Woman movement? Whatever the reason, I'm fascinated. I compiled a list… Continue reading Witchy Book Recs

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Solving Spiritual Debates

Over plates of mediocre spaghetti, I hear a familiar discussion start. A fellow Christian (usually male, shaking his head sadly) puts his fork down and bellows, "The body of Christ is so FRACTURED!" The rest of the table pauses. I munch on a corner of garlic bread. "How can we have UNITY in the church," the… Continue reading Solving Spiritual Debates