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Anticipated Releases Book Tag

I took stock of all the books I want to read and y’all….

…there are so many good books coming out this year!

I’m excited.

Lori tagged me in this and she has an equally-exciting list of her own.

Listen, 2020 is going to be a good year for books.


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Christmas Cracker Book Tag

More Christmas tags! More Christmas tags!

I haven’t seen a Christmas cracker in quite a while.

In the U.S. (at least in my region), people don’t typically use Christmas crackers. (Also, we call them party poppers.)

We save them for New Year’s, if we use them at all.

Dee did this tag and I liked it.

Two weeks til Christmas.

Christmas Cracker

ONE /// Pick a book with a wintry cover.

Look at all the snow on Cathryn Constable’s The Wolf Princess.

Wolf Princess.jpg

I love it.

Ooh, here’s a book I might have read.

Take a gander at Jane Monroe Donovan’s Winter’s Gift.

winter's gift.jpg

Even if I haven’t read this, it’s a horse book and should be honored.


TWO /// Pick a book that you’re likely to buy as a present. 

A present for myself or for my family?

My friend is studying druidism and used to read tarot, so I might buy him The Druidcraft Tarot.

Druid Craft Tarot Deck

I think he’d appreciate it.


THREE /// Pick a festive-themed book.

Check out Karen Swan’s The Christmas Party.

Christmas Party

I’ve never read this.

It’s either a romance or a murder mystery.

My money’s on murder.


FOUR /// Pick a book that you can curl up with by the fireplace. 

Reverie by Ryan La Sala is one of the prettiest books to be released this year.


The plot involves dreams, making this book perfect for a cold winter’s night.


FIVE /// Pick a book you want to read over the festive season.

I would love to make time for Small Town Hearts.

Small Town Hearts




SIX /// Pick a book that’s so good it gives you chills.

THIS is the book I should have said for the last question!

Red, White, and Royal Blue is SUCH A DELIGHTFUL READ.


The romance, relationships, and humor in this book are everything I aspire to write.


So many feelings.

Maybe I’ll pick this up from the local library and binge it over a weekend.


SEVEN /// Pick a book that’s going on your Christmas wishlist. 

I turn into a green-eyed monster where books are concerned.

I went to a NaNoWriMo wrap party that included a book swap.

I had no interest in Magic for Liars until someone at my table won it during the swap.

Magic for Liars

Then someone stole it from her and promised to trade it to me.

Then someone else stole the book for good.

I tried negotiating with the victor, but they refused to give it up.

Now I want this book more than anything.

Christmas Cracker

It’s the 10th somehow.

I’m going to ignore that bit of information for the time being.