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Mid-Year Freak Out 2022

I made it to June, by golly. I've read 111 books thus far, 55.5% of my 200 book goal. Here are my reading highs and lows from the last six months. Best book read so far I'm on my third reread of Good Omens this year. I find it really touching. I also REALLY love… Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out 2022


Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

I don't know how June keeps passing so quickly. We're 17 days into Pride Month?? SERIOUSLY?? It might be the two cups of coffee talking, but there's SO MUCH TO DO. I chose to roll with the anxiety. Diana did a great Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag on her blog. I'm going to RAMP THIS… Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag