Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag

I don’t know how June keeps passing so quickly.

We’re 17 days into Pride Month?? SERIOUSLY??

It might be the two cups of coffee talking, but there’s SO MUCH TO DO.

I chose to roll with the anxiety.

Diana did a great Mid-Year Freak Out Book Tag on her blog.



Best Book You’ve Read So Far in 2019

I made some difficult cuts.

I’VE READ TOO MANY GOOD BOOKS THIS YEAR, though I suppose that’s a good problem to have…

As hard as it is to say this, my VERY FAVORITE book, the book that had EVERYTHING I EVER could have wanted, the book that made me howl into the carpet…

…come on. It’s These Witches Don’t Burn.

These Witches Don't Burn

I FINALLY read a satisfying mystery this year!

The many twists upSET me.

I loved these characters.

Can’t wait to see what else Isabel Sterling does.


Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far in 2019

Night of Cake and Puppets is very lovely and soft.

Night of Cake and Puppets

It felt VERY different from the beautiful-yet-brutal Daughter of Smoke and Bone series.

I would read future Mik and Zuzana spinoffs. I love them that much.


New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Want To

The Book of Pride is SO PRETTY.

Book of Pride.jpg

Local bookstores keep using it for their Pride displays, and RIGHTLY SO.


Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year

I have a few.

Rebel Girls.jpg

I’ve seen Rebel Girls pushed a bunch and I am VERY interested. I love Riot Grrl history and denim jackets.

Crier's War

Crier’s War looks weird and interesting. It’s an f/f urban fantasy? I think? What even IS urban fantasy? Hope this war is better than the LAST war I read about…

Baby Sitters Coven.jpg

The Babysitters Coven looks FUUUUUUN. I LOVE mundane things made magical.


Rosiee Thor writes great ace/aro takes on Twitter. Recently, she made the case for asexual/aromantic Katniss Everdeen (search for #TheAspecGames if you’re interested.)

I’m fascinated by her writing process.

Thor’s sci-fi YA book Tarnished are the Stars comes out this October.


Biggest Disappointment

Even though I complain a lot about Hot Dog Girl, I felt more let down by Dead Queens Club.

Dead Queens Club

I visited several bookstores to find Dead Queens Club.

At Powell’s, I PUT BACK other books I wanted to afford it.

I made time to read it, even though I had due dates and library fines weighing on me.

And the first few chapters were SO GOOD!

The rest of the book wasn’t bad so much as disjointed.

I didn’t get to enjoy the book the way I’d planned.

This book did me dirty…and I don’t like it.


Biggest Surprise

Two of my favorite books of the year were impulse buys.

When I visit Powell’s, I typically do an initial scan of the store the day before my larger book haul. I try not to buy too many books that first day, but I usually pick up a couple that catch my interest.

I snagged How to Be Alone from the green room after seeing the discount sign.


I read it right away.

Reading this book was the closest I’ve ever come to a faith healing.

The other big surprise, the one I keep gushing about, is Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me.

Laura Dean

My friend Shane and I loved the movie Ladybird for its character focus. We wanted a miniseries for each character (except maybe Kyle.)

This book felt like Ladybird as a graphic novel.


Favorite New Author

Ashley Herring Blake writes heart-wrenching stories and adorable f/f middle-grade novels.


I love Girl Made of Stars, the author’s note, and Blake herself.


Newest Fictional Crush

I thought Gemma was adorable when I saw her on the These Witches Don’t Burn cover…

These Witches Don't Burn

…and I was RIGHT!

She’s really cute and fun and A GREAT PAL.

More Gemma.

Gemma spin-off.


Newest Favorite Character

Other than Gemma?

These Witches Don't Burn


She got a LOT more interesting in the last third of the book.


Book That Made You Cry

Girl Made of Stars emotionally destroyed an army of readers.


Go. To. Any. Blog. On. The. Internet.

This book killed me.

I don’t want to reread it just yet. I don’t have the emotional bandwidth.

For now, I’m content to remember being mesmerized by the story.


Book That Made You Laugh

I insisted on reading passages of New Erotica for Feminists out loud to my girlfriend.


There were so many good passages that I ended up orating almost the whole book.

think my girlfriend enjoyed it?

This book is hilarious.

The Marvel movie passage. The Stonehenge passage. All of it.


Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptation

I’m looking forward to the His Dark Materials adaptation.

His Dark Materials.jpg

Though I love the shabby 2007 film, I agree that the books deserve better. (At least, the first one does. Fingers crossed that the series adapts out Will Parry.)

The current cast is phenom. James McAvoy, huh? I dig it.


Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year

More impulse buys!

I found a lovely pocket edition of The Left Hand of Darkness in a Pride display at a local bookstore.

Left Hand of Darkness.jpg

I haven’t read Le Guin, though Grigg from The Jane Austen Book Club INSISTS that I must.

Oh…I didn’t catch that it’s the 50th anniversary!

High time to read this then!

I also bought How to Stop Time by Matt Haig because it’s a quirky time travel romance.

How to Stop Time.jpg

Mistake? Probably. My enjoyment of romance is still compromised.

But the spine was shiny, so…I had to buy it.


What book do you need to read by the end of the year?

So many.

I think I’d like to focus on Watch Us Rise and Emma in the Night, among others.


Still freaking out, but I’m much more awake!

I have all evening to read and relax.

Hopefully, by then, the anxiety will subside.

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