Pancake Book Tag

My dad found a bomb recipe for vegan pancakes.

They’re GOOD pancakes.

Very koala-tea pancakes.

I’ve seen this tag around. Alex’s take @ The Paperbook Piano is my favorite so far.

Let’s get down to breakfast.



I’m no fan of David Levithan’s.

I have been very open about this.

I don’t really “get” his writing style.

Somehow I found a solo book of his that worked for me.

Lover's Dictionary

Ambivalent (adj): of two minds about the relationship presented

Brilliant (adj): the structure of The Lover’s Dictionary

Compelling (adj): a story that has you wondering how it will end

Paranoia (noun): the process of comparing your own relationship to the one in this book



Women Talking wasn’t fuuuun, but it incorporated humor where it could.

Women Talking

Most of this humor came from Salome.

She was my favorite.

And I thought the other women ignored her SUPER VALID POINTS.

I believe she was Team Fight-The-Men-To-The-Death.

I am pretty positive I would be on that team.



I first read P.S. Longer Letter Later in third grade.

PS Longer Letter

I changed schools several times as a kid and I almost never kept friendships from previous schools.

I learned to leave people behind. (This habit followed me into adulthood.)

I’m so jealous that Tara Starr and Elizabeth maintained a long-distance friendship.

This book was so comforting to me after I moved to Seattle and my friends lived elsewhere.

I still like it. I correspond with a good friend mainly through Messenger and snail mail. It’s oddly thrilling; nothing beats a surprise communique.



Can I just leave Sadie here and peace out?


This book hurt.

I’ll remember the last line for a long time.

My partner mentioned reading it recently and I got sad all over again.




These Witches Don’t Burn had EVERYTHING I WANTED.

These Witches Don't Burn

Intrigue! Ballerinas! Cute best friends!

Magic! Covens! Twists and turns!

Once I finished, I wanted everyone I knew to read it.

I foisted it on a coworker.

He loved it, especially Morgan.



Each character in Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me has at least one hidden depths moment, even disaster girlfriend Laura Dean.

Laura Dean

I do mean EVERYONE.

Doodle, Freddy’s best friend, becomes grumpy and secretive after a visit to the Seek-Her.

When you find out why, you will never recover.



I’m midway through Layne Fargo’s upcoming novel Temper.


I’m not sure where it’s going.

Malcolm Mercer is for sure sketchy, but I don’t know what his goal is.

I’m almost positive Spencer is sleeping with him.

And the connection between Kira and Joanna…?




(I used to LOVE bacon pancakes.

At my favorite Ellensburg restaurant, it was always a toss-up between the bacon omelette and bacon chocolate chip pancakes. TRY IT FIRST BEFORE YOU JUDGE.)

All right, time to further discuss The Hazel Wood.

Hazel Wood

I didn’t like Ellery at first.

He felt like too much of a Manic Pixie Dream Boy.

And Alice didn’t seem to like him at all.

(The following is a SPOILER, so only read ahead if you don’t mind me ruining the plot.)

I wasn’t into the pairing until I was told IT WOULD NEVER BE.

Alice escapes the Hazel Wood, but Ellery stays behind.

Noooo!!! They went on an adventure together! Adversity only STRENGTHENS ships!!

And this is why I won’t be reading the sequel.



CW: rape, marital abuse

The husband in The Vegetarian is the woooooorst.


In case you didn’t know he was a controlling tool, he rapes his wife at the end of the first section.

You just leapt over that moral even horizon, didn’t you, sir?





I believe this to be true, though I can’t confirm.

I’m looking forward to The Disasters QUITE A BIT.

I’ve also heard very good things about The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.

Small Angry Planet.jpg

Let’s throw Once and Future in the ring again JUST BECAUSE.

Once and Future

Listen, queer sci-fi is my FAVORITE.


That’s the official end of the tag.

I went a bit farther and made a pancakes bracket.

(I…am a tad competitive.)

I filled out my bracket below:

Pancake Winner

And the winner is…


There’s nothing better. I promise you.

If you’d like to participate in PANCAKE MADNESS, copy and edit the blank bracket below.

Pancake Bracket

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