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Halsey Book Tag

I joked about doing a Lana Del Rey recommendations tag. Insteaaaaad... ...I FOUND A HALSEY BOOK TAG! I've had a crush on Halsey since she dropped Badlands in 2015. She also serves as my hair inspiration (sorry, Nicholas Petricca.) Am I gushing? I'm really stoked about this tag. Castle Favorite queen DC Bombshells is already the… Continue reading Halsey Book Tag

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Dear Evan Hansen Book Tag

Did I rashly promise to do summer book tags? Does that sound like something I would do? Okay, hear me out: My friend Staci bought me Dear Evan Hansen for my birthday and I've been putting it off, I guess. It's currently sitting on a shelf next to some other summer-y books that I've been prrrrrrromising… Continue reading Dear Evan Hansen Book Tag


Yoga Book Tag

Other than zumba, yoga is the only type of exercise I can stand. I love the opportunity to tune into my body and center myself. Also, added bonus: I get to wear cute outfits. Praise be. Though I saw a yoga tag on BookTube, I haven't seen many yoga pose book tags on the blogs.… Continue reading Yoga Book Tag


Who Am I? Book Tag

My very favorite thing happened: I went on a book tag search and I found a GREAT one on Starry Sky Books. Xandra the Griffinclaw writes about her similarity to Harry Potter. OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A CONCEPT I CAN SUPPORT. Anyway. For this fun tag, thank Xandra and for sure read her posts. If your… Continue reading Who Am I? Book Tag

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No Longer a Methodist

Yesterday, the United Methodist church voted to uphold its ban on same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ clergy. Because of this, my home church will likely leave the denomination. I don't know what entails. The anger and disappointment are coming on slowly. I didn't think this would actually happen. When my pastor proposed the four different plans… Continue reading No Longer a Methodist


Birthday Book Haul

My birthday came and went with minimal angst. I spent a nice weekend with my parents. On the actual day, some friends took me out for dinner and improv. Oh, and I got a ton of books. These books came in waves. After Christmas, flush with gift cards, I ordered some books to be picked… Continue reading Birthday Book Haul

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Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective

Won't lie, didn't love 2018. Maybe the year wasn't a total lost cause, because of new friends and growth experiences and improved health, but I sure hated living through it. Different things influenced my year in big ways and I want to sum them up:   I quit my job I finally got out of… Continue reading Lauren’s 2018 Retrospective


Giving Thanks Book Tag: Goodbye 2018 Edition

Technically, this is a Thanksgiving tag. I don't do Thanksgiving. I celebrate with my family, but I don't care much about gourds or the color brown. However, the new year starts next Tuesday. High time to turn introspective! I'm using this tag to look back on my reading year...and possibly as an excuse to rant… Continue reading Giving Thanks Book Tag: Goodbye 2018 Edition


Fruits Basket Book Tag

You all knew it was coming. How has no one made a Fruits Basket tag yet? There's one for Lunar New Year, but that doesn't count. Not ONE BIT. For this tag, I only included zodiac members, but participation is open to all. Heads up: I will spoil some books. Spoilers everywhere.   Yuki the… Continue reading Fruits Basket Book Tag


Disciples Book Tag

I'm a sucker for religious humor. Would you believe I couldn't name all 12 disciples? The Rob Evans "Donut Man" song "We're Following Jesus" only covers 9 of the 12. To make this tag, I looked up a definitive list of the 12. Only there isn't one. Scholars disagree about who James really was. They… Continue reading Disciples Book Tag