Who Am I? Book Tag

My very favorite thing happened: I went on a book tag search and I found a GREAT one on Starry Sky Books.

Xandra the Griffinclaw writes about her similarity to Harry Potter.


Anyway. For this fun tag, thank Xandra and for sure read her posts.

If your life was a genre, what would it be?

My life is very much stream-of-consciousness literary fiction in the style of Anna Burns or Sally Rooney.

Not a lot happens, what does happen confuses many, and I have a lot of feelings about all of it.

What villain from a book do you most identify with?

I really relate (HEAR ME OUT) to the killer in Stephanie Perkins’ There’s Someone Inside Your House.

All of the killer’s murders center on awful puns and they can’t keep from complaining that no one appreciates their sense of humor.

I really feel that.

What protagonist are you most similar to?

I would have said Harry Potter, but I came up with a slightly better answer.

I’m a lot like Emi from Nina LaCour’s wonderful Everything Leads To You.

Oh my, do we have an idealistic bisexual movie buff who dreams about moviemaking and covets real estate?

That’s me!

How do your reading habits show off your personality?

I read multiple books at a time because I overestimate my attention span.

I hold onto books for months before DNFing them because I hate to let people down.

I buy books about “the issues” only to put them on the backburner forever and ever.

What book taught you something about yourself?

Hey-o, guess who’s not straight??

Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake gave me the exact language I used to come out to my parents.

I thought bisexuality would be difficult to explain, but this book made it fairly easy.

Things clicked for me when I read Mara’s description; I went, “Oh, I’m that.”

Ta-da! That was a prime tag. Very excellent.

If you would like to participate, PLEASE DO SO.

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