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May Highs and Lows

May is over.

I worked a bunch and survived the May Day protests.

Lots of OTHER things happened, only some of them cheese-related.

General updates:

  • My partner came home early! Hooray! (She left at the beginning of April and had planned to return in mid-July. I am much happier with the new plan.)
  • I shaved my head. It’s buzzcut season.
  • Visited Portland, Oregon with my mom during Star Wars weekend (May 4-5)
  • Cleaned UP at Powell’s – most store credit ever accrued during a single visit
  • Learned to make vegan mac and cheese (Verdict: new favorite comfort food)
  • Had brunch with my parents and partner. My dad made vegan pancakes. It was lit.
  • Went to Star Wars Night at T-Mobile Park. I don’t care if it was a cash grab – the game was great, the food was awesome, and the fireworks show was magical.
  • Became a baseball fan…? Results pending.

Oh, you came here to read about books.

Well, all right.

Proudest Purchase: These Witches Don’t Burn

I preordered a copy of this gem early on.

It FINALLY arrived ON May 31st.

I went on a JOURNEY with this book.

Twists on twists on twists.

It set up a sequel, which I normally hate, and I WASN’T EVEN MAD.

Also, I love Gemma. Team Gemma.

Most Confusing Plot: Dead Queens Club

Dead Queens Club started out great.

Unfortunately, the rest of the book didn’t live up to the killer intro.

I found following the plot of Dead Queens Club almost impossible.

I felt like I needed a history degree for the plot to make sense.

Biggest Letdown: Hot Dog Girl

This book got SO MUCH HYPE. It keeps getting TONS OF FIVE-STAR REVIEWS.

For a first book, it’s fine, but I definitely didn’t love it.

This is a story YA readers have already read a thousand times.

I thought it would be something special. To me, it was more of the same.

I can understand why this is a good thing. Bi characters get typical YA love stories! Praise be!

I just expected a little something more.

Main criticism: not enough hot dogs.


Dark Horse Favorite: How to Be Alone

I can not recommend this book enough.

Please, if you have a spare moment, read this book.

Fastest DNF: Trust Exercise

I made it to page 6.

I couldn’t stand the writing style.

In an act of self-care, I put the book down and started something else.

Favorite Graphic Novel: Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me

I had previously boycotted this book for…reasons.

(Nothing serious; I wasn’t interested in reading about toxic relationships.)

I violated my boycott after learning this book was actually a graphic novel.


It was so good!

Latest Impulse Buy: Denton Little’s Deathdate

This book looked like a tongue-in-cheek prom novel with…skeletons?

Mine now.

Newest Author Obsession: Amy Rose Capetta

To be fair, I’ve only read one of her books (and LOVED it.)

I have two of her more recent books on my TBR stack.

Watch me read her entire bibliography.

Most Painful Read: Maybe in Another Life

I cannot explain to you the depths with which I hated this novel.

I tried hate-reading it to the very end. I did not last.

There are character quirks and then there are CHARACTER QUIRKS.

In short: I never want to read about cinnamon rolls ever again.

I was shocked by how heavy-handed the writing was in this cinnamon roll-infested romance.


Most Infuriating Read: Women Talking

CW: rape and explicit language

Know what’s fucked?

Community members drugging and raping women, blaming the devil, and protecting the perpetrators.


In this story, the rapists broke an old woman’s teeth, impregnated an “old maid” (now considered unmarriageable), and gave a painful STI to a THREE-YEAR-OLD.

Let me remind you, this was BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

Fuck everything and everyone.

New rule for religious men: STOP PROTECTING RAPISTS.

Should I end this post on a happier note?



Summer is here.

May you read some books that make you happy and others that get you good and mad.



She/her. 4w3. Lover of vegan cream cheese and performative angst. In 2014, tired of my pop culture rants, my mom told me, "You should start a blog!" In 2015, needing a place to gush about the new Star Wars trilogy, I created this site. In 2016, while working an insane schedule at the local bakery, I stopped writing. That same year, I moved to Seattle. Picture every fresh-faced young woman you've ever seen stepping out of a taxi in a movie. That was me...only with a lot more anxiety and shorter hair. Living here has been a trip. I'm not always happy, but I find plenty of stuff to write about. I love to call out, complain, overreact, analyze, and reimagine. This site contains the fruit of that labor.

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