The Not-So-Perfect Book Tag

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS TAG. Sahi @ My World of Books tagged me in it to share the wealth of book letdowns. Thank you Alex @ Lost in Translation for giving us space to complain about not-so-perfect books! This is such a perfect tag! RULES If possible try to not mention the same… Continue reading The Not-So-Perfect Book Tag

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Midsommar Book Tag [ORIGINAL]

You know how I made my Quintessential Summer Book Tag Midsommar-themed, as I am apparently obsessed with that movie? I decided that wasn't enough. WELCOME, FOLKS, TO THE MIDSOMMAR BOOK TAG. Everyone, do the tag! Come on, do it! It feels really nice! I will try to avoid spoilers. I'll try VERY hard. Oh, I… Continue reading Midsommar Book Tag [ORIGINAL]


Top 5 Wednesday: Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With

YES. I've been looking forward to this Top 5 Wednesday topic all month. I came up with a list of  awful love interests while at work and found it made me ANGRY. Sure, people are complex, but there are LIMITS to bad behavior. Okay. Without further ado... (By some strange coincidence, the bulk of this… Continue reading Top 5 Wednesday: Love Interests I Would Have Broken Up With


Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1

I rewatched Viz Media's 2015 dub of the original Sailor Moon anime. These were my thoughts.   Season 1, Part 1 Summary: Luna: USAGI. Pull yourself together and save the world! Rei: USAGI!!! WHY ARE YOU SO INCOMPETENT? YOU'RE A COMPLETE TRAINWRECK. Tuxedo Mask: You can do it! Believe in yourself! Usagi: You're right, Tuxedo Mask!… Continue reading Revisiting Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 1