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Fantasy Feminist Team

I'm finally doing it. I'm forming a girl squad. I've put it off for years because my friends keep choosing true love over the sisterhood. They tell me marriage is a whole lot of fun. BUT IS IT? GIRL SQUAD, ASSEMBLE! What would this squad do? I don't know. Win? Fight for love and justice?… Continue reading Fantasy Feminist Team



I love adaptations, especially of Austen's books. I think they can work, if done well. This book...not so much. Even though the main characters are teenagers, I can't stomach the unnecessary drama. Jenni James acts like everything that happens between the two leads is the most traumatizing thing ever. Every conversation they have spirals out of control. I… Continue reading TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Stakes



I wasn't going to write about this, but I changed my mind because I'm outraged. I'm not sure if there's a cultural difference at play--maybe it's a Mormon thing--because I can't imagine parents in the United States who would actually do this to their child. In the original Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie rejects the odious Mr.… Continue reading TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Boundaries


TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Obvious villain is obvious

Love triangles are a fixture of many romances. I have mixed feelings about them, but I have no problem with another character posing an obstacle to the main love story, especially if it's done well (see Clockwork Prince.) As this book is a modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, it's only fitting that the heroine of Jenni James' Pride… Continue reading TERRIBLE PROSE TUESDAY: Obvious villain is obvious