Seattle Seahawks Book Tag (ORIGINAL)

I’m in an interfaith relationship.

My partner supports the Seattle Seahawks.

I do not.

Though my family and friends root for the Hawks, my days of football fandom are long behind me.

Too many negative interactions with the fans left me with a distaste for sports.

Some habits never go away, though; I still show an aptitude for bandwagons.

Pre-season is here. Time for a tag.



1. Answer all the questions.

2. Tag people. (Let’s say…eleven. Get it? Football!)

3. Never try to talk to me about football.

4. That last rule wasn’t a joke.


Fair-weather fans

A time you jumped on the bandwagon of a book, author, or series

Dear Book Bloggers:

I never would have tried V. E. Schwab were it not for you.

Savage Song

I started with her horrifying Monsters of Verity duology and graduated to the A Darker Shade of Magic series after hearing all the hype surrounding it.

Schwab isn’t my queen, but I am a fan.


“Win, lose, or tie, blue and green till I die!”

A character you would die for

Ronan Lynch. Not even a question.


(Kyo Sohma is up there, too.)


Super Bowl XL

Name a bad book memory

I bought the third book in Mark Danielewski’s ambitious The Familiar series thinking the books could be read in any order.


Realizing my mistake, I told myself I’d buy the first two books to catch up.

Psych, those things were 900 pages EACH.

What a sad waste of $20.


Update: TO MAKE THINGS WORSE, I read Wikipedia’s summary of the entire series:

The story concerns a 12-year-old girl who finds a kitten.



Stadium dogs

An upcoming release that’s worth the price

I spent an ABSURD amount of money to make sure Call Down the Hawk arrives on its release date.

Call Down the Hawk

It’ll be worth it…right?


Team jersey

A book that looks pretty on your shelf

You know I love shiny books.

Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

This is one good-looking tome. It makes other books look even better.

So I’m reluctant to get rid of it, even though I sort of hate it.


Drunk and disorderly

A book you had FEELINGS about (positive or negative)

Lucy Knisley’s Kid Glovewas HORRIFYING.


The human body is awful!!

I hate EVERYTHING about the culture surrounding pregnancy.


Her husband has to relay an entire chapter of their son’s birth because Lucy DOESN’T REMEMBER.

And her near-death COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED if only a health professional had LISTENED TO HER.



Half-time show

A super-hyped book that could have been better

The story in Dead Queens Club was VERY hard to follow.

Dead Queens Club

I almost hit up my friend Claire for historical CliffsNotes.

Sadly, I doubt knowing the history would have helped.

An event in the climax triggered painful memories from high school and I felt…nothing.

You’d think seeing my own experience in print would move me in some way.

The writing, unfortunately, sucked out any of the emotional impact.


Hail Mary

A book you never expected to love

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit was VERY different from what I expected.


I knew it as an assigned text for English majors (a classification that RARELY bodes well for me.)

A friend of mine denounced it after reading it for class. To her, the book was sacrilegious and made NO sense.

I believed her and assumed the book was stuffy and pretentious.

We were both wrong. This book is perfect.

I so wish I had thought of the structure.


12th Man

The author, book, or series you recommend most often

I mention Nina LaCour’s books ALL THE TIME.

My two favorites are You Know Me Well and Everything Leads to You.

They’re lovely, lovely summer books.


The Other Team

An author, book, or series people keep begging you to read

Stoooooop with The Name of the Wind.

I won’t EVER read it.

That and The Wheel of Time.

And the Outlander books.

I am in the business of fluffy comedic adventures full of feelings.

Get your fantasy epics out of my FACE.


Preseason is here, signaling the end of summer.

Enjoy the sun while you can.

Have fun watching football, if you so choose, and/or participating in the tag.

I’ll stick to baseball and books.

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