Celebrating Oktoberfest: Drunk Book Tag

Technically, Oktoberfest ended on the 7th.

But who cares? Let’s keep the celebration going all month long!

I found this tag on Coffee and Cocktails. Feel free to post a rebuttal here or there or everywhere.

Wine Coolers

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You’re 16 and you finally managed to sneak one of your mom’s Smirnoff Ices. What is one of your most guilty pleasure reads?

Some of the books in my collection embarrass me more than others.

The Season is one of them.

Image result for the season book

Hear me out! It’s a YA retelling of Pride and Prejudice about an athlete forced to participate in Texan high society!


…yes, they rope cattle.

…and Wickham is an Aggie.

…and Darcy never officially breaks it off with his girlfriend.



Image result for beer

You’ve made it to college and are hosting your first kegger! Pick your favorite new adult or college-aged book.

Giant Days!

Image result for giant days

I lost interest after the art shift and the destruction of my OTP.

But BEFORE that, these characters reminded me of the best parts of college.

I would live with roommates if it resulted in friendships like these.

In case you were curious, I’m a Susan.

Image result for giant days susan
Pictured: Me.




You partied too hard last night and drank a liiittle too much Jose Cuervo. What’s a book that you never want to see again (or, your least favorite book)?

I originally picked The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

That’s right, Night Circus…I didn’t forget about you.

Then the book I’d been reading for Sunday School took a turn.

Image result for richard rohr falling upward

At least I’m not the only one who hates it. The rest of my class admits their confusion almost every week.

I can’t stand this book.

The lack of cohesion frustrates me to no end.

Authors making spiritual claims need to show readers how they came to their conclusion.

Rohr believes quoting numerous authors and unrelated Bible stories without comprehensible logic counts as “evidence” toward his claim that all people experience two halves of life.

This book reminds me of Rob Bell’s Love Wins: I’m not opposed to the ideas proposed, but I can’t follow Rohr’s argument.

Next week, I’m switching into the Spirituality 101 class. I can’t take another week of pointless Jung quotes.


Beer Bong

Image result for beer bong

What’s a book that you read super fast?

To round things out, I picked another religious outing:

Image result for liturgy of the ordinary

I LOVED this book’s structure. Tish Harrison Warren explores the liturgy of the mundane things we encounter daily, finding spiritual lessons in waking, traffic, and drinking tea.

I learned I’m not the only person to cry during a liturgical service. Apparently that happens a lot.



Image result for spring break

You’ve thrown your inhibitions to the wind and end up having a sexy night you’ll never forget. What is your favorite smutty read?

Mom, please skip to the next entry.

Image result for my lady's choosing

This book is hilarious…and so, so sexual.

For instance, accepting the proposal of last man standing Nigel Frickley leads to a five-page sex scene.

I LEARNED things.

I reread the book until I’d reached every possible ending.

None of the male options are very appealing. Dark shirtless brooders get on my nerves, rude Darcy boys piss me off, and hot Scots don’t do it for me.

I recommend screwing up your chances with three of the main love interests. You get better endings that way.



Image result for screwdriver cocktail

What is the most twisted book you’ve ever read?

Does this book count?

Image result for twisted laurie halse anderson

I read this in 9th grade for an assigned book report.

While by NO MEANS a masterpiece, this book covers bullying, suicide, and verbal abuse.

My English teacher handed my report back with the comment: “Typical teenage fare. Read something more challenging.”

And that’s the story of how I forced myself to read Pride and Prejudice.


Long Island Ice Tea

Image result for long island iced tea

The melting pot of alcoholic beverages. What is one of your favorite diverse reads?

I couldn’t decide, so I picked my two favorites.

Both have tons of sexual diversity and sympathetic plot lines. Neat!


Sex on the Beach

sea sky beach holiday

A drink that’s great in theory, but wasn’t exactly all it was cracked up to be. What is a book that just didn’t live up to the hype?

Ending a series is no easy task, but I expect more from my finales.

Related image


In reality, almost everyone survives and Kel gets away with disobeying orders.

The book ends with the implication that Kel MIGHT go talk to Dom, her big crush.

Pierce doesn’t reveal their marriage until Trickster’s Choice.

BOOOOOO. I wanted a bigger finale!!



Image result for wine

You’ve just gone through a rough break-up, so you park yourself in bed with your favorite bottle of wine, some ice-cream, and a bucket for your tears. Name a book that made you cry out all of your feels.

I’ve cried over books before.

Only one has made me cry in public.

At school.

In the library.

In front of a classmate.

Image result for chaim potok the chosen

I used to be able to control my reactions.

Then this book came along.

Shout-out to my mom for recommending this book.

It. Ruined. My. Life.


Strip Club!

Image result for pole dancing

Your favorite naked hardback.

I don’t normally read Neil Gaiman (and, honestly, I don’t plan to), but I LOVED the look of this recent edition of American Gods.

Image result for neil gaiman david mckean american gods

Now I wonder: should read this?

Or just buy it to stare at?

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