Ruler of Books Tag

Wielding authority over others’ reading tastes is too much power for one person…but I’ll gladly take on the mantle.


What book would you make everyone read?

I want EVERYONE to read Pure.


I do know some ladies who (from the outside) appear to have had a positive church experience.

These women are often docile, gender-conforming, and accepting of tradition.

I tried my best to act that way for much of my life, but it was more of a survival strategy than a genuine expression of self.

I didn’t feel any godlier when I was The Perfect Woman than I do now. Most of the time, I felt exhausted and judged, regardless of how hard I tried.

I walked an eternal line of “godly but not godly enough.”

In the eyes of the church, I would never be “marriage material” until I “grew up.”

To the women who feel the way I did: you are not alone.

To the women enacting gender-conforming survival tactics: you don’t have to keep performing.

To all men everywhere: this is what women go through and it’s not their fault.


What would you abolish in book construction?

Can we agree on one classic, thematically-appropriate style for every book or series and not deviate from that style in future publications?

I really loved the animal theme of The Ruby Oliver Quartet. NO ONE NEEDED the tired switch to a generic brunette model.

Also, have you SEEN the original cover for The Princess Bride?

princess bride orig



What author would you commission to write any book?

I trust Francesca Lia Block in practically every realm of fiction.


She writes gay fantasias that the whole family can enjoy (kind of.)

Whip up another retelling for me! Chip-chop!


What book would you demote to the library basement to make room for other books?

night circus

Bye-bye, The Night Circus. Down to the basement you go.

Oh NO. Who mixed up the “Basement” and “Bonfire” boxes?


All our copies of The Night Circus, lost to the flames.

What. A. Shame.


What cover artist would you commission to make a mural?


Hear me out:

Rainbow, word art, millennial pink.

That’ll make a STUNNING accent wall.


What character’s face would you put on a coin?

Ronan Lynch is our king.

dream thieves

Another coin could bear Adam Parrish’s likeness; flip the coin to see Cabeswater.



What book would you award the “Ruler of Books 2019” prize?


Lemme pull up my 2019 Google spreadsheet.

I’ll award the book that made me cry the hardest so far this year.

girl made of stars

Can I do a second round of the first question? I’d make everyone read THIS book.

We need a better world where women are believed and consent is sought.

Make it so.


I started this post so long ago, I don’t remember whose blog I found it on. (Doesn’t help that this is an older tag.)

Do you want to rule the world of books for a while? Have at it.

Don’t credit me if you don’t want. I clearly can’t force you.

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