TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Pet Peeves

Looove doing last minute Top Ten Tuesday posts.

(No, honestly, I love doing this.)

(Can you tell I’m a pantser?)

Today’s topic is bookish pet peeves!

I thought I wouldn’t have much to say today. I WAS WRONG.

Price stickers on books

Price stickers infuriate me.

When my friends lend me books, I have to stop myself from peeling the price stickers off the back.

I just hate them.

Other readers not liking my favorites

I realize that different people enjoy different things.

I still hate when others trash my favorite books.

(It’s possible I deserve this after unreservedly trashing beloved books over the years.)

I think I feel stupid for being moved by works that other people despise.

This is something I’m working on.

The label “problematic”

On the whole, I think the book community is having productive conversations about troubling elements in popular and/or classic fiction. I appreciate when readers with experiences different from my own point out issues I missed.

That said, I’m not a big fan of the word “problematic.”

While I understand not wanting to give creators like J. K. Rowling money, I still purchase and read books that don’t pass the vibe check.

I’m trying to figure out how to enjoy something while acknowledging its (sometimes major) issues.

None of the things I love meet some golden standard of purity. I no longer think it’s possible for anything or anyone to meet that standard.

I’ve spent a really long time trying to consume only “morally correct” media and I don’t want to do that anymore.

Heavy books

You expect me to hold up an 850-page book about dragons for however long it takes me to read it?

I have delicate wrists.

Shirtless men on book covers

Love romances, hate torsos.

I could not tell you why.

I kind of wish all books had gay skeletons on them instead, like Unspeakable and Gideon the Ninth.

Moral superiority w/r/t favorite tropes

There’s a joke all over TikTok that goes something like this:

“Here’s a recommendation for readers who like enemies-to-lovers romance: THERAPY!”


Give me the fucking recs, Samantha.


While my blog posts are far from error-free, I still raise an eyebrow when I see a typo in a published work.

One error that still haunts me involves the misuse of “determinism” in a story about science.

I don’t want to talk about it.

Surprise series starters

I keep pre-ordering debut novels, only to find out too late that they’re the first in a series.

I don’t have the energy to wait for sequels anymore. Completed series or NOTHING.

(That said, I just got into ACOTAR and From Blood and Ash. I’m a hypocrite and a fool.)

Genre snobs

I had a professor who regularly shat on genre fiction in favor of literary fiction.

For years afterward, I forced myself to read Mature Fiction, thinking it made me a worthy reader.

These days, I stick to genres I actually enjoy.

Being a mood reader

This is my own fault and I don’t know how to combat it.

When I go book shopping, I often find books that strike my fancy at that particular moment.

Once I get the books home, I find I’m NO LONGER IN THE MOOD TO READ THEM.

It’s SUPER FRUSTRATING and I can’t stop.

When it comes to books, my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

If you have enemies-to-lovers book recs, please give them to me.

Also, I’ve received lots of recs recently for good torso books, so I may or may not read one. As long as I don’t have to look at the cover, I’m fine.

3 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAY: Bookish Pet Peeves”

  1. You had me laughing, this was a good list!
    You make a good point about the word problematic because I agree, it’s very hard to find any form of medium that is going to be perfect in all aspects because it was created by a person who is not perfect, none of us are. I fell into that trap too of trying to consume things that were morally correct and it gets tiring after a while because then you’re not really enjoying what your consuming, you’re looking out for errors and that’s not what we should be doing. Obviously if something is truly troubling it should be flagged, but there are things that are nitpicked on social media that I’m like, really? Especially when it was something that is 5+ years old. Let the person who created it apologize and move on… people evolve and will most likely try to do better now.
    Rant over 😅 Honestly didn’t know I had that in me 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Exactly, all of this! I understand wanting to create a new canon and excise outdated works. I also DON’T THINK WE CAN EXCISE EVERYTHING.

      Lol I didn’t think my feelings on the subject were strong either but SURPRISE.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. God, if we did that I feel like there would be nothing new – it would just be everything redone but “done better”. Just work on something new… that is actually better, ya feel? 😂

        It’s okay, we have strong, valid feelings!

        Liked by 1 person

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