Zodiac Signs Book Tag

I just bought a beautiful Scorpio necklace at an Ashland jeweler to honor my moon sign.

Do I put stock in astrology? I don’t KNOW.



I did an astrology tag previously, but I’m always looking for excuses to do more tags.

The Awkward Book Blogger did this tag last year and chose some fun books.

Read. Assess. Enjoy.



1. Make a post of your own in which you share a book you believe matches with each zodiac sign, explaining why.
2. Copy the rules in your post.
3. Tag 5 to 10 bloggers to do the same at their turn. (Or more, who am I to stop you!)
4. Link the creator of the post, audreywritesabroad, in your post so she can see your answers! 🙂
5. You can use the header image I made if you want to. If you don’t like it and want to make one of your own, go ahead!
6. Have fun!


Capricorn – hardworking, stubborn, straightforward

Little Women

(I almost bought the above copy of Little Women at Powell’s, even though I ALREADY OWN A COPY THAT I HAVEN’T READ.)

I just read a modern retelling of Little Women that revved up my fondness for Jo March.

Jo goes hard.

She puts on plays! Writes novels! Teaches children! Visits the theatre! Supports sadsack Friedrich even though Jo/Laurie is MY FOREVER SHIP!

Jo will meet her goals eventually, heaven help her.


Taurus – good taste, sensual, stubborn, down-to-earth

Disreputable History.jpg

The old boys’ club at your fancy boarding school won’t let girls in?

Frankie Landau-Banks goes after the patriarchy in style, with secrecy and plots and hidden passageways and borrowed boyfriend shirts.

Were they beagles? I think they were beagles. Excellent taste in mascots.

(After a Google search: the secret society was the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds. Still a good choice for a mascot.)


Virgo – successful, creative, clever

It has to be Noah Sweetwine.

Jude, sure. We could do both.

But I want Noah to have the spotlight on this one.

Silly Noah gets all popular in the second timeline. <—– (read: successful)

I'll Give You the Sun

The way this kid uses metaphor is sublime.



Aquarius – innovative, admired, eccentric, distant

Lazlo Strange is a weird one.

Strange the Dreamer

He keeps imagining the realm of the gods and the city of Weep.

He escapes into dreams to meet his love interest.

He might live on earth, but he’s not completely here.


Gemini – dynamic, many talents, likes games

Harriet Manners, girl genius AND supermodel!

Geek Girl

She displays the hottest fashions AND remembers animal trivia!

I should continue this series. The first book was really fun.


Libra – irresistible, adventurous, indecisive

Daisy, writer of Star Wars fic and pursuer of schemes, loves an adventure.


She persuades best friend Aza to pursue reward money in exchange for information on a missing billionaire.

Guess how this ends.


Pisces – free, sensual, sensitive


When the prince becomes Lady Crystallia, he finally feels like himself.

It’s really beautiful.

Even the king comes around.


Cancer – sensitive, friend-oriented, forgives but doesn’t forget


Cath is fragile.

This does NOT mean, however, that she will let her mom back into her life.

She sets up a fortress of tea, cozy sweaters, and dance parties, and walls her mom out.


Scorpio – self-reliant, powerful, secretive, wise

Elphaba is so Slytherin, she’s GREEN.


She chases power, but her heart’s in the right place.

And she sure as hell won’t share where Liir came from.

(Descriptions like these put me off astrology. SURELY I’m no secretive anti-villain.)




Aries – brave, independent, impulsive, hates to be restricted

Don’t tell these mutants what to do.

Steel Corset.jpg

I’m still so upset by Girl in the Steel Corset’s cover.

It’s GORGEOUS – and the content is NOT.

[Spoiler ahead]

Okay, Robot Sam spilling all his secrets TO THE VILLAIN was pretty quality.

[End of spoilers]


Leo – creative, popular, faithful



And…I love it.

Damn you all.

Alex is creative! Extroverted! Ambitious! Obsessed with the same guy for years! And devoted to a gun-toting red state despite his latent bisexuality!


Saggitarius – open-minded, loving, sensitive

Poor old Dick Gansey’s not doing so well.

Raven Cycle

Whenever he opens his mouth, he offends his poorer friends.

He cares so much, but he can’t control his unintentional tactlessness.


No, YOU’RE reading witch books and looking up astro charts!

Listen…this is my long-awaited rumspringa.

Let a girl research.

I tag:

All the other late bloomers out there.

And…anyone else who’s interested.

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