The Spring Cleaning Book Tag: Quarantine Edition

I really should clean my apartment. I have been doing some sorting off and on. I cleaned out my closet (could go for a round two) and unhauled quite a few books. Surely there's more to be done. I could probably...I don't know, clean my bathroom or something. Anyway, 'tis the season to redo the… Continue reading The Spring Cleaning Book Tag: Quarantine Edition

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The Lover Book Tag: Round Five

Why would I work on my demon essay when there are more Taylor Swift tags to do? IT'S ROUND FIVE OF THE LOVER BOOK TAG, NOW WITH GRAPHICS. Katie at Pages and Pugs made this tag along with the graphics - it's her first book tag and I think she did a great job! (Also, Pages… Continue reading The Lover Book Tag: Round Five

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Remembering Rachel Held Evans

Christian author Rachel Held Evans died this morning.Before reading her books, I had given up on ever being accepted by other Christians. I'd bent myself to fit a set of ever-changing standards with no success. I struggled to make friends and the ones I had objected to "sinful" parts of my personality. My faith flickered… Continue reading Remembering Rachel Held Evans