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Rihanna Book Tag

My coworker worships Rihanna.

I just did a great Ariana Grande book tag, so I went looking for a Rihanna book tag in my coworker’s honor.

Wouldn’t you know it, ONE EXISTS.

Ana at Me Myself and Books made the tag. I am using her gifs becaaaaause.


Where Have You Been

A book you wish you’d read sooner

The way I grew up, people without sexual interest or attraction were “normal” or “holy.” People who displayed sexual interest or attraction were “sinful” or “struggling.” (Or men. Boys will be boys and what have you.)

When you believe in this dichotomy, it’s easy to judge others for just about anything related to sex or romance.

Even though I thought I was a “good” person, I felt miserable.

I’d supposedly done all the right things, but it was never enough. I still wasn’t good enough for my community or for all the “godly” men around me.

Maybe I wouldn’t have been ready for Pure earlier in life (and it came out VERY recently, so I couldn’t have read it much earlier than I did), but I wish I’d been exposed to Linda Kay Klein’s ideas sooner.


Through Klein, I found Impurity Culture and other Twitter voices that questioned assumptions I’d held for years.

I just wish it hadn’t taken so long.


Wild Thoughts

A couple that, when they are together, have wild thoughts

I could not relate to Jace and Clary as a teenager.

City of Ashes.jpg

I don’t really buy “strong attraction” as a justification anyhow, but especially not when the hottie in question IS YOUR SIBLING.

I KNOW that ended up NOT being true, but they THOUGHT it was true and MADE OUT ANYWAY…IN FRONT OF SIMON???


Also, let’s review that WHOLE scenario:

The fairy queen demands Clary kiss the person she MOST DESIRES.

Her boyfriend IMMEDIATELY steps forward.



Is it fair to claim that I never shipped this couple? Because I didn’t. Because INCEST…?


This is What You Came For

One thing that will make you read a book

In the last five-or-so years, I’ve purposefully sought out queer lit.

Oh my, is there a coming-out story? A fluffy romance? An inspirational intersectional story?


Hey, hey, hey. Come on over.

Bonus points if the cover is rainbow or shiny.


Oh snap, is there a HORSE in the book?

Winter's Tale.jpg

I’m there. Give me your magical steeds.


What Now

A book that made you ask, “What now?”

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit left me with a grief I couldn’t explain.


I prefer a real ending over a tacked-on happy one, but the bittersweetness of this novel’s finale is heartbreaking.

Being “better off” doesn’t discount the pain of growing up.


We Found Love

A couple that found love in a hopeless place

My favorite romances are the accidental ones.

Puck is trying to preserve her family.

Sean is trying to buy his freedom.

They both sign up for The Scorpio Races.


Sean offers Puck his services.

While training, the two racers fall in love.

FOR CONTEXT, the eponymous races are a dangerous annual tradition where islanders ride murderous kelpies.



Hate That I Love You

A hate-to-love romance/friendship

…I have to give Geekerella points for pulling off THREE hate-to-love relationships.



  • befriends her grumpy coworker
  • bonds with her not-so-evil stepsister
  • falls for an actor she previously disparaged online

Damn you, Geekerella. Every time I think I’m done with you, you COME BACK SWINGIN’.


Can’t Remember to Forget You

A character that should forget another character

Oh, Scarlett.


This book FRUSTRATED me.

I’m not one for second chances.

If someone wrongs you MULTIPLE TIMES but you still care about them, cool.

I don’t recommend DATING that person until they get their act together.

You can try waiting it out in the hopes they’ll deal with their issues.

You can believe them when they say they’ll change.

UNTIL they ACTUALLY change, though, the person they’ve shown themselves to be is the person they are.


He doesn’t stand up for you in public! He makes fun of fat people! He apologizes for hurting you but doesn’t exhibit actual REMORSE; one of his ACTUAL apologies amounted to, “I wouldn’t have demolished that old woman’s garden if I’d know she was YOUR FRIEND.”


And he LATER uses one of my LEAST favorite diversions of ALL time: the “Well, you’re no saint either” argument.

In essence, Scarlett’s trespasses against Gabriel put them on equal footing and, thus, they should date.

The abusers I’ve known LOVE using this tactic as a reason not to apologize.

They counter your legitimate grievances with ways that you’ve wronged them in the past.

They play the victim. You become the villain.

You feel guilty. They dodge accountability another day.

Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here ends ambiguously with no definitive proof that she and Gabriel will become a couple.

Still, I can’t fathom Scarlett allowing this guy to even be her FRIEND. He’s SO TOXIC.

Let him go, Scarlett.

As far as friendship goes, Ashley’s probably a better bet.



A character you wanted to stay

There’s a reason I don’t read dog books anymore: THE DOG ALWAYS DIES.

Guess what happens at the end of the award-winning Where the Red Fern Grows?

Red Fern.jpg

Old Dan has his GUTS RIPPED OUT by a mountain lion.

After he passes, Little Ann DIES OF SADNESS

Those dogs were Billy’s only friends and now they’re GONE.

I can’t even imagine.



Have I mentioned this is a children’s book?


The new Taylor Swift album comes out soon, yes?

That’ll probably necessitate a tag.

Break out the pastels.

Here’s to more musician book tags.

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