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Ranking the Stranger Things Teens

I watched three seasons of Stranger Things in a week. Top-tier procrastination method, highly recommend. I then watched season 4 with a friend who has asked to be referred to as "Macavity." I am now DISTRAUGHT. I don't love every decision the creators have made. I still love this show, mainly for its characters. Macavity… Continue reading Ranking the Stranger Things Teens

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THINGS THAT BRING ME JOY: “Elite” Season Three

My friend Shane started watching "Elite" and has been sending me Marco Polo messages about it. This is cause for celebration. I've been in love with "Elite" since season one and I haven't been able to share it with any of my friends until now! Season three of "Elite" just came out on Netflix. Last… Continue reading THINGS THAT BRING ME JOY: “Elite” Season Three

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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Changes in My Reading Life

I'm back for Top Ten Tuesday with some wistful nostalgia. Things aren't the way they used to be. I mean, obviously. That is how time works. Here is how my reading life has changed over the years. It takes me longer to finish books In high school, I would read a book a day (sometimes… Continue reading TOP TEN TUESDAY: Changes in My Reading Life

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Pre-Netflix Grishaverse Tag

So Netflix is developing a Six of Crows series. I'm still waiting for news on Syfy's Raven Cycle adaptation, but Six of Crows should satisfy me till then. Real-life Jesper, please. Listen: the fans want their favorite series to be respected. And, honestly Netflix, it's best you don't screw up the representation. Make up for canceling Tuca and Bertie. And Sense8. And One… Continue reading Pre-Netflix Grishaverse Tag

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Netflix Book Tag

I didn't watch any Netflix last week. Now I'm behind on "Elite"! I keep adding things to my queue, knowing I can never watch it all. Is this aspirational or pathetic? Should I feel guilty for not watching more TV? It's CONFUSING. Anyway, books. This is based on my (too-full queue) and inspired by Book… Continue reading Netflix Book Tag

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Why I love Netflix’s “Elite”

I just found a wonderful, trashy, perfect new show. Netflix claimed it was a 97% match for me. I began watching with blind trust. The show is called "Elite." Set in Spain, it follows three scholarship students who've just transferred to a fancy new school. The first episode opens with one of these students walking… Continue reading Why I love Netflix’s “Elite”