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Ranking the Stranger Things Teens

I watched three seasons of Stranger Things in a week. Top-tier procrastination method, highly recommend. I then watched season 4 with a friend who has asked to be referred to as "Macavity." I am now DISTRAUGHT. I don't love every decision the creators have made. I still love this show, mainly for its characters. Macavity… Continue reading Ranking the Stranger Things Teens

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Halloween the First

Today marks the first day of Halloween. I've never cared much for Halloween in years past. THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT. This Halloween season, I vow to...   Listen to "Spooky, Scary Skeletons" ad nauseum Dr. Stiig's remix is my favorite version, but pick whichever one you like best.   Scream "I, JACK, the PUMPKIN KING,"… Continue reading Halloween the First

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Netflix Book Tag

I didn't watch any Netflix last week. Now I'm behind on "Elite"! I keep adding things to my queue, knowing I can never watch it all. Is this aspirational or pathetic? Should I feel guilty for not watching more TV? It's CONFUSING. Anyway, books. This is based on my (too-full queue) and inspired by Book… Continue reading Netflix Book Tag