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Universal Monsters Book Tag

My friend Shane once described the Universal Movie Monsters canon in its entirety while we waited for a bus.

I understood this much:

Universal Studios keeps resurrecting popular, public domain creatures that live in a shared film universe…or something.

They tried remaking The Mummy to jumpstart the franchise once again…and they FAILED.

We see the Universal Movie Monsters every Halloween and Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub used them to create a spooky book tag!

Happy Halloween!!



A book with a charismatic villain

I just rewatched The Golden Compass with Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel and Nicole Kidman as Mrs. Coulter.

Golden Compass

Not only are they both SUPER HOT, but they’re INCREDIBLY charismatic both onscreen and on the page.

You’re right, Marisa, free will is bad!

Yeah, Lord Asriel, kill that kid! Destroy heaven!



The Invisible Man

A book that has more going on than meets the eye

There’s a Transformers joke in there somewhere…

So I am not an Emma Mills fan.

I expected her books to be fluff-fests.

Mills’ first YA book, First & Then, was…not what I expected.

First & Then

I wasn’t ready for Foster’s abandonment issues.

Also, the love interest was a jock, a character type I normally see as a villain or false love interest.



Wolf Man

A complicated character

I heart the tile character in Queenie is very complicated.


I probably won’t read this by the end of the year, but it’s on my radar now.



A book with a misunderstood character

Cracked Up to Be capitalizes on the late-2000s’ trend of Unlikeable Female Characters.

Cracked Up to Be.jpg

Courtney Summers SUCCEEDS in making Parker Fadley hard to like.

Parker is suffering from PTSD and depression, so her attitude is understandable.

Unfortunately, she uses the phrase “creamed herself” MORE THAN I WOULD LIKE.


The Bride of Frankenstein

A sequel you enjoyed more than the first book

The subsequent Harry Potter novels are FAR superior to the first one.

Harry Potter

I reread the first Harry Potter book recently and I surprisingly didn’t like it!

I remember the other books, particularly the writing, being much, much better.

I should reread the third one. That’s one of my favorites.


Creature from the Black Lagoon

An incredibly unique book

Heather McElhatton wrote Pretty Little Mistakes as an adult Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel.

Pretty Little Mistakes

I was fascinated by the concept. I still am.

I didn’t like the book, but great idea!


The Mummy

A book that wraps up nicely

Slaughterhouse Five.jpg

I’ve never (to my knowledge) read Slaughterhouse Five, but I’ve heard the final line quoted everywhere.

Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.


That’s it!! Those are the monsters!

I don’t know HOW IT’S ALREADY THE ELEVENTH OF HALLOWEEN, but I better catch up on spooky content!

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