Picking a Favorite from Taylor Swift’s Discography

You know those super-casual Taylor Swift fans who listen to Lover on loop and add tracks from reputation to every playlist? That's the type of fan I was before Netflix released Miss Americana. Now, I guess, you can call me a Swiftie. However, knowing this about myself hasn't made it any easier to pick a favorite album. Before Lover came… Continue reading Picking a Favorite from Taylor Swift’s Discography

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Lil Peep Book Tag

Would you believe I thought this tag referred to the nursery rhyme? one's surprised. That's fair. Lil Peep was a rapper who died in 2017. This tag uses his songs as prompts. That's all I really know. Halei did this tag on her great blog Degenerate Reads with the intent of spread it around… Continue reading Lil Peep Book Tag

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Happy Anniversary (two days late…)

My pastor asked me how long I'd lived in Seattle yesterday. I did the math and realized it's been TWO YEARS. WOW. I guess that makes me a bonafide local. Even though most days I hate living here, I wanted to celebrate this milestone. If not celebrate, at least recognize. I don't think I'll live… Continue reading Happy Anniversary (two days late…)

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Seattle Reality Checks

In 2015, I wanted to move to Portland, Oregon. When people asked me what my Plan was, I'd tell them, "I'm going to move to Portland and work at Powell's." Some people thought this was a cop-out, not knowing I was describing my Dream Life. I couldn't wait to work at my favorite bookstore in… Continue reading Seattle Reality Checks