The Great December Readathon

I mentioned acquiring some serious, award-winning books that I couldn’t wait to read.

I also mentioned some long-unread books on my TBR and some current rereads.


I visited my hometown library.

Both the Seattle Central Library and the branch I frequent have a decent YA section stocked with new releases.

Walking into the Teen Section in my hometown, I saw EVERY YA BOOK I’VE BEEN WANTING TO READ waiting for me on the shelves.

I didn’t check ALL of them out.

I only grabbed 14.

So…hooray! I’m spending the last week of December (and the first two weeks of January) reading as many fluffy YA novels as I can.

Sorry, rereads. Sorry, newer books. And sorry especially to Kiese Laymon (I want to read your new book but I’m afraid.)

These are my upcoming YA reads.

Finished Books

  1. Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde
    Summary: Two friends find love at a geek convention. Liberal use of the word “fandom.”
    Verdict: Interesting premise with impressive representation overshadowed by “geeky” jargon and subpar writing. I am now leery of Wilde’s much-hyped The Brightsiders.
  2. I Hate Everyone But You by Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn
    Summary: Best friends attending different colleges stay in touch over e-mail.
    Verdict: Did not finish. I dislike the “Uptight Loves Wild” dynamic in fiction. This story relied almost entirely on that trope.
  3. Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu
     Texas teen starts underground Riot Grrl zine at sexist high school.
    Verdict: I LOVED this book. It covered a lot of ground in a realistic way. Women helped and supported each other all the way through. I want to go full Riot Grrl and listen to Bikini Kill.



  1. The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X. R. Pan
    Summary: Teen visits Taiwanese grandparents after her mother completes suicide.
    Thoughts: This is an Own Voices novel with an Asian protagonist. I’m trying to read more work by Asian writers and this book comes highly praised.
  2. Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles
    Summary: Black teen mourns his twin brother’s murder by police.
    Thoughts: At least four Black Lives Matter books came out this and last year and I’ve only read one. This book is important.
  3. Fireworks by Katie Cotugno
    Summary: Two teens in ’90s Miami compete in the cutthroat music industry.
    Thoughts: I don’t love Katie Cotugno’s writing, but I’ve been wanting to read this one since my One True Friendship disintegrated last year.
  4. Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jay Robin Brown
    Summary: Gay religious teen contemplates coming out after meeting the perfect girl.
    Thoughts: Did someone say “gay religious teen?” In high school, I knew one out gay Christian at my church, but his sexuality was something people Didn’t Talk About. Why I want to relive the 2000s, I don’t know, but I am fascinated by this premise.
  5. Twelve Steps to Normal by Farrah Penn
    Summary: Child of a recovering alcoholic pieces her life together.
    Thoughts: Obviously, I love the cover and I like most of what James Patterson Presents puts out. I believe the aforementioned alcoholic parent is the protagonist’s father and I’m interested in that relationship.
  6. Sometime After Midnight by L. Philips
    Summary: Y’all, it’s same-sex Cinderella.
    Thoughts: Y’ALL, it’s SAME-SEX CINDERELLA.
  7. Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely
    Summary: What do I need to summarize? She’s a post-apocalyptic gunslinger!
    Thoughts: I love a Western aesthetic. In truth, this has been on my wishlist for some time.
  8. P. S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han
    Summary: In the sequel to To All the Boys I Loved Before, Lara Jean reconnects with a guy bearing the whitest-sounding name.
    Thoughts: I read the first book a while ago but never finished the series. After watching the adorable film, I’m willing to give the sequel a shot.
  9. Odd One Out by Nic Stone
    Summary: A love triangle erupts between a high school boy, his crush, and his queer best friend. Bisexuality abounds.
    Thoughts: I’ve read mixed reviews, but Nic Stone’s last book and this book’s bi rep made me want to check out the story for myself.
  10. The Handsome Girl and Her Beautiful Boy
    Summary: Two gender-nonconforming teens defy stereotypes and fall in love.
    Thoughts: I love a straight(ish) butch protagonist. Represent.
  11. Night of Cake and Puppets by Laini Taylor and Jim di Bartolo
    Summary: Daughter of Smoke and Bone’s Zuzana arranges a Super Date for her crush Mik
    Thoughts: Illustrated companion novel written by a couple. I am all in.



  1. Girl Made of Stars by Ashley Herring Blake
    A girl struggles to support her best friend and her twin brother after the former accuses the latter of rape.
    Thoughts: MY MOM BOUGHT THIS FOR ME FOR CHRISTMAS. It is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.


I’m three books down! I can’t wait to make more progress.

Kiese Laymon, I’ll make time for your book in the middle of all of this.

You, too, Tommy Orange.

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