Taylor Swift – 2006 – 2012 (The Red Album)

You know what Taylor Swift deserves? A greatest hits album. I was inspired by the Beatles' two Greatest Hits compilation albums; the Red Album covered 1962-1966 while the Blue album covered 1967-1970. I thought Taylor deserved the same treatment. I also wanted another Swift-related project to work on. This first post covers Taylor's best songs… Continue reading Taylor Swift – 2006 – 2012 (The Red Album)


Too Much Information Book Tag

HELLO. I HAVE BEEN DOWN IN THE DUMPS. This week, I've regained some of my motivation and have resumed cooking, reading, and watching TV (mainly Netflix reality shows and Jessica Jones.) Sleep and inspiration, however, continue to elude me. To take my mind off of things, here I am with a lengthy tag that I found… Continue reading Too Much Information Book Tag


The perfect wedding playlist

What one person has on their playlist might not appeal to everyone. I'll take my chances.