Too Much Information Book Tag

HELLO. I HAVE BEEN DOWN IN THE DUMPS. This week, I've regained some of my motivation and have resumed cooking, reading, and watching TV (mainly Netflix reality shows and Jessica Jones.) Sleep and inspiration, however, continue to elude me. To take my mind off of things, here I am with a lengthy tag that I found… Continue reading Too Much Information Book Tag


Disciples Book Tag

I'm a sucker for religious humor. Would you believe I couldn't name all 12 disciples? The Rob Evans "Donut Man" song "We're Following Jesus" only covers 9 of the 12. To make this tag, I looked up a definitive list of the 12. Only there isn't one. Scholars disagree about who James really was. They… Continue reading Disciples Book Tag

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Spiritual Health Month

I've been on a health kick recently (and not just because my antidepressants are making me fat.) After reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, I retooled her basic premise: What if I pursued not happiness, but health? In June, I worked on my physical health, prioritizing yoga, meditation, and meal prep. In July, I focused on… Continue reading Spiritual Health Month


MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: Megumi Hanajima

This isn't the first time I've posted about Fruits Basket. I finished the series this weekend, so expect a few more Mondays featuring upsetting manga moments. Megumi is all right as far as characters go. He's Saki Hanajima's precocious younger brother who could pass for her identical twin and hangs out with her friends so often… Continue reading MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: Megumi Hanajima