MAKE-YOU-CRY MONDAY: Megumi Hanajima

This isn’t the first time I’ve posted about Fruits Basket. I finished the series this weekend, so expect a few more Mondays featuring upsetting manga moments.

Megumi is all right as far as characters go. He’s Saki Hanajima’s precocious younger brother who could pass for her identical twin and hangs out with her friends so often everyone forgets how young he is.

Me and Will
Geez, what’s that like?

Occasionally, Megumi’s perspective helps the older characters move on and/or deal with romantic heartache.

Arisa Uotani, for instance: she’s in love with a guy named Kureno, who for one reason or another has decided never to see her again.

Arisa doesn’t know that Kureno has issues. Major issues. Issues that in America would land him in jail.

Tohru tries to intervene and speak to Kureno on Arisa’s behalf, but their conversation doesn’t go well.

Kureno: the literal worst.

Megumi walks in while Arisa and Tohru are crying it out and drops some wisdom:

There are some things that take a long time to acquire. Friends. Loves. Really… Nothing has been a waste.

I’m struck by how different things stick out to me whenever I reread Fruits Basket. Rin’s story hit me at a time when I felt I didn’t have any friends. I just graduated from college; for the past year, I’ve teared up whenever I read about beginnings and endings.

This scene with Megumi got me because of where I am right now. I’m jobless, single, living in my home town, separated from most of my friends by 160 miles, road construction, and some mountains. I’ve spent the last few months wishing I could fast-forward to the time when I have a job, or have moved to Oregon, or am rocking a sweet mohawk and owning my church’s “Fiddler on the Roof” auditions, because right now sucks.

Yet Megumi says what I’m going through now won’t be a waste. The things I want take a long time to acquire. I really want to believe that.

Megumi ends this section by saying:

Whatever happens in the night, morning still always comes. Always. Has there ever been a night that had no dawn?

(Emphasis mine)

Crazily enough, that’s biblical. I looked it up.

Psalm 30:5
For His anger lasts for but a moment, His favor is for life; weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

Amen. That’s what I’m believing today.

Need cheering up?
Feast your eyes on the wonder that is Kakeru Manabe. He’s the funniest character in the manga and has some of the best lines (“IT’S A NATURAL PRINCESS OLD MAN!”). One of my friends is the female version of Kakeru and I feel so lucky to have her.

See, for example, how Kakeru comforts his closest friend:

Punch you into sun

Oh, Kakeru. Everyone needs a Kakeru.

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