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headfirst, fearless book tag

More Taylor Swift! I warned you! Peruse With Coffee made this original tag in honor of the Fearless rerelease. (Was that only last year?) Let's gooo. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) ~ A character who goes into situations headfirst, fearless I don't know the name of the monster killer from Something is Killing the Children, but she… Continue reading headfirst, fearless book tag


Taylor Swift – 2006 – 2012 (The Red Album)

You know what Taylor Swift deserves? A greatest hits album. I was inspired by the Beatles' two Greatest Hits compilation albums; the Red Album covered 1962-1966 while the Blue album covered 1967-1970. I thought Taylor deserved the same treatment. I also wanted another Swift-related project to work on. This first post covers Taylor's best songs… Continue reading Taylor Swift – 2006 – 2012 (The Red Album)